Joining social networks are a little weird at first. You join, look around and wonder one of two things:

1. Is this worth my time? or
2. Where do I start?

Well, we hope the answer to question number one is "Yes" and we can definitely tell you how to get started.

There's a lot to do here, but first drop us a quick line and say hi and we'll come by your profile and give you an official Mom Bloggers Club welcome.

See you then!

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Hi, I'm Laura. I'm not normally a 'hi' type of person. If it's early morning I'm not capable of speach and you'd be likely to get a 'grunt'. If I'm actually awake enough to be articulate, then I'd tend to say 'Hiya' or 'Hey you' (the 'you' is because I've the memory capacity of a sieve, and rememberong peoples names is generally beyond me)

So again... Hiya, glad to have joined so near the start, and can't wait to see how this all grows and develops.

Well, hello!
I'm usually a bit of a blurker (there's one for your Blogging Vocab). I've spent many an afternoon browsing, reading and lurking around other people's blogs. Finally decided to start one of my own recently. Then I got lonely so decided to look in to joining a blog community. Momblogger's Club seemed like such a warm and welcoming place I had to join. Plus your group is still relatively small so a bit less intimidating for a shy new blogger like me. But the way things are going, I don't think we'll be small for long!

Thanks for having me!

Mommy B
HI, New kid on the block here. Just hoping the cool chicks here will except me! I 'll just hang out over here flipping my hair in the corner looking shy, and see who comes by. lol

Hope to make some great friends here~
Ok, totally new to this game. Got into via a friend, to help her out. I am kinda shy about saying hello, but what the hey - so hello to y'all and howdy this fine morning.

Grab a coffee and have a chat
Well, I'm not exactly new but I don't think we've been properly introduced! My name is Ali, hello!
I'm not exactly new either but I have met some wonderful bloggers here...especially other twin moms! Hi to everyone!


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