As a blogger many times the things we blog about are sooo well random. Is yours or do you have a method behind your madness? Are you on a mission to help others, do you have the purpose of emptying your feelings onto the computer screen, so blogging to you may be therapy, or are you trying to make money? There are hundreds of reasons why we may blog....what is yours??

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Mine is to see if anyone actually reads the randoms that come out of my life. Some are boring, others interesting. Eventually I feel that bloggin does become therapy. It allows you to see where you are, put your day in persepective or just get the lead out so to speak. I've always journaled but he fun part of blogging is that people can get inspired from your blog, or laugh, or cry! Its a bit hard for me to make people laugh these days bc Im so uptight but I feel that the more I blog the more I'll see humor in the madness! it will become fun to share, maybe then I can get paid, for now, trust me , no-one wants to pay me to write what I write.
I think I like that I have the open version of a journal when blogging because I get feedback from people. Either they have had that happen too, or just a remark that I'm gonna get through something sometimes really helps.
On my personal blog - I started to rant about my marriage and the issues we were going through. More an online journal for myself. Then I started adding stuff about kids, what I was reading, and it just grew to a big load of everything going on in life. Now with my other blogs, they were all built for a specific purpose, so with them it is easy to kind of stay on track and write ahead because I know that my posts stay within a certain area and don't go outside of a different range.
I sometimes think of myself as the QUEEN of blogs. I LOVE TO blog... and though it did start out as a personal journal way back in the day when I was blogging on Yahoo 360, now it's used for many other methods as well.

I blog at as my personal/mommy blog on topics of organizing my house, setting goals for myself and my business, my faith, my kids, my marriage, life in general.

While I blog at Beauty by Design Ministries, my ministry blog as a way to share encouragement with moms and their tween and teen girls on the topics of beauty, etiquette, modesty, and life.

I blog at Organized Life by Design, my newest endeavor as a way to encourage moms in their attempt to keep their lives, homes, families, businesses and time organized.

Finally, I am a guest blogger at Chrysanthemoms where I blog on organizing as well.
I guess I blog for a variety of reasons. It keeps my friends and family connected so they can see our daily happenings and see what we are doing with out talking to us everyday. I also think it is a way of journaling since I seem to be better at doing it online opposed to writing in a journal. I also like to share fun things and products I find. I talk about my business also mixed in w/ my daily happenings with my son. I love blogging and is addictive.
My blog title is infact not original (still weeping at the discovery) but it explains it. "Cheaper than Therapy" is, and it works!!

Also, it's a virtual scrapbook to share with friends and family and if another person learns something from my blog, by golly i'd be over-whelmed with joy! ;)
I started my blog with the intention of keeping it local. Just talking about what's going on in our ever changing neighborhood. Lots of gentrification!
But then I noticed that people from other parts of the WORLD were looking in and the direction changed. It's become a place to share favorite things and thoughts.
Absolutely None! It's just whatever happens in my life that day... it's random madness.
I blog for all of the reasons you mentioned. It started out as a blog for my life coaching practice that went along with my podcast. I orginially tried to always write a "message"... but..some days I just feel like writing something a bit more personal. I also use it to showcase and market my freelance writing...some of my posts are excerpts of articles I have written. Luckily, it all comes together and seems like I do have a method to my madness. I just hope people enjoy what I have to say!
I like taking a second of time from my life and giving it a beginning, middle, and an end. Everything has a story. I love the fact that my life-and my family's life-is being documented for future generations. I mean, how great would it be to have read your great-great-grandmother's blog and find out that she loves chocolate as much as you do?

I asked my grandmother recently if she remembers any funny stories about her family from her childhood and she couldn't think of any. I thought that was kind of sad because when she passes on, the memories she does have will go with her.

Wow, I kind of went off on a tangent there. Anyway, long story short: I blog to share my life:)
Truly though, you went off on a great tangent. Powerful-that memories will not live on.
I think I do it because I want to share what I learn in the kitchen with others. I don't cook from recipes, and I usually make stuff up as I go along. So when I come up with something great, I just want to share with others and brag a bit. =)


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