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My Husband or Significant Other Thinks Blogging Is.....

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My husband or significant other thinks blogging is....

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great for me but not for him!
hmmm, well my hubby likes it ok, but I know he has a hard time at night because I really get lost in the blogsphere and I look up , its after 1 am. -oooopies! So I need to really control myself, but it so much fun making friends and reading abou of you ya'll!!! ;o)
A silly waste of time. We'll change his opinion yet. :)
competing with my time for him. And it totally is!
competing with my time for him. And it totally is!
Unfortunately he passed away 3 years ago...but I was blogging before he died...he never knew! I mostly used my blog to vent about the way I was feeling at the time when he was going through his illness.

I wasn't going to reply to this thread just because he is no longer here...but it's funny because I was just thinking about this the other day...when I do meet somebody do you break it to them that you blog?? Could get awkward!! I hope to meet somebody (someday) who likes blogging...maybe we could blog about eachother *sigh*
not very intersting. My husband has never even looked at one of my blogs. I swear he pays no attention to me.
and I quote, "talking about senseless issues."

and I can't believe he feels that way!
I don't think mine really knows what a blog is....but I think he's finally identifying it with some sort of site online. lol
He really has no opinion. Well he's never given one on the subject, which is a big deal b/c he ALWAYS has an opinion.
Not sure he knows about my blog, and I'm fine with that. I've got to have my own thing goin' on. :)
funny. He makes fun of me >:-0


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