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My Husband or Significant Other Thinks Blogging Is.....

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My husband or significant other thinks blogging is....

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a great way to get free stuff! He was a little skeptical until I got a free iPod to review. Now he's all for it! LOL!
Great! He reads my posts from time to time.
A waste of time. I think that is so sad because it is the only thing I do for me and I really love. I will not stop although I feel like he doesn't respect me doing it.
...a good idea for me. I have a degree in writing and it is, as my blogging friend Jen calls it, cheaper than therapy. The longer I blog, the more open I become on it and it really is a good outlet for me. So he thinks I should keep at it.
a big waste of my time.
kinda lame. He doesn't understand why I blog every single day! He'll read it but only every so often! He doesn't quite get it!
...a great way for me to express myself. But though I've encouraged him to try it, he isn't interested whatsoever. And our time together in the evenings means a lot to him, so I've learned to unplug after a certain hour. Tonight he's at poker though, so I can do as a please, hee-hee! ;)
a complete waste of time unless I win a giveaway or find a good deal on something. He just doesn't get the fun of it! He will probably be thrown for a loop when I finally get MY own blog up and going. :)
Thinks that blogging is my "me" time and is all for it. He even reviews my posts every once in awhile.
A great outlet for creativity. As long as it doesn't affect him in any way.
My hubby support me 100% for me to blogging :D Because I can get some extra money...LOL


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