Do you look at your blog stats and how often? Do you let search stats influence your writing?

If I notice I am having a good day I will look at my graph throughout the day. Mine has a lot of peeks and valleys. I would love to even it out on the high end..
One of my high searches were for "Dirty Moms" I had wrote a post called " Real Moms get dirty" about splashing in puddles and gettin' dirty with the kids- Questionable search there. Also I found a funny quote from Lucy of Charlie Brown fame and that drew some people in.

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I have a site meter and check it every other day or something. I judge more on the comments. Most of my posts are fluffy, i'm having a huge block lately to "write" if you know what I mean.

I'm kinda babbly today.
I have a site meter widget that shows how many visits I get. I'm always jiggling the mouse to wake up the computer from sleep mode to see how many hits I've got. I think I'm becoming obsessed with it though.
Guess I might be the odd ball cause I really don't check mine that often - well for my personal blog anyway. I like writing and I want people to check it out, but I don't mind having off days on it. Now I have an admin / techie guy that handles all of my other blogs and he usually sends me an update every day about my stats, but sometimes I don't check it because I think I am getting superstitious about them. I am not a superstitious person, but when it comes to those blogs, I just don't want to know. I know it's silly.
Yes, unhappily I do check my stats (too often!) but it is at once so flattering and so frustrating. I don't understand what the various stat trackers are telling me. I love the Feedjit maps, because those red dots look like the whole world is reading me, and when I zoom in, I see exactly what posts people have read. But Sitemeter's information -- very specific -- tells me almost all my visits last 0:00 minutes!! Are people looking, going "ugh," and leaving instantly? Or is Sitemeter tracking feed aggregators simply "pinging" me for new content? Bizarre ...I have to remind myself that I started blogging for fun, not necessarily to reach tens of millions in my first six months. Cheers everybody.
Nancy I'm going through the same thing.
Just yesterday I had to check in with myself and ask 'Why did I start doing this?' The last thing anyone needs is low self-esteem because of what the ol' Sitemeter says.
Blog if it feels good.
OMG I spend WAY more time checking sitemeter and comments than I do writing. The funniest thing is when I click on "Who's On Now" on sitemeter and I see that like 4 or 5 people are on I get all blushy and excited - like I want to poke my head in and go "hi-thanks for coming! whaddaya think?"
me too!
Where do you find the info about what people searched for or where they came from?
In word press it is in you dashboard under blog stats. I am enjoying the fact that my hard work is paying off! I'd still blog if I had 5 or 500 readers. It is fun!
Yes, and probably too often. =)
yes I don't know why it is so addictive I think I look almost every day. I just love seeing who is looking and how they found me! Why is blogging so darn addictive. I mostly do it when my son naps and if he didn't nap I don't know what I would do!
Rigth now my graph looks like something a child drew... a child that speaks Greek...
I have nto really figured out blog stats yet....I am still in the stages that I 'ohh' and 'aah' when someone makes a comment at all.

I guess I am blissfully ignorant at this time. ;-P


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