Do you look at your blog stats and how often? Do you let search stats influence your writing?

If I notice I am having a good day I will look at my graph throughout the day. Mine has a lot of peeks and valleys. I would love to even it out on the high end..
One of my high searches were for "Dirty Moms" I had wrote a post called " Real Moms get dirty" about splashing in puddles and gettin' dirty with the kids- Questionable search there. Also I found a funny quote from Lucy of Charlie Brown fame and that drew some people in.

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I hardly EVER look at my blog stats and when I just recently did it inspired a blog post, Why No Comments, because I was shocked to see all the traffic (not that 150-200 visitors a day is a ton of traffic) that I was getting but hardly any comments.

I don't really care about the traffic to my blog. I like comments and wish that for all those people visiting I would get more but it definitely doesn't influence my writing. And honestly most of the time I'm writing about so many random things that people probably just don't have a comment to add.
I pay close attention to stats because potential advertisers usually ask about traffic. I find that Sitemeter is the least accurate, StatCounter is a little better, but the best stats I have found so far come from It uses information it gets from your ISP, and it excludes visits from "bots" and "Spiders" (spam programs that crawl the web looking for instances of certain keywords) as well as pingbacks. Whereas Sitemeter might tell me that my blog gets X number of unique visits a month, Compete will give me a number twice as high! So, I give that number to people who ask :)
I am one of the most unknown mommy bloggers out there. My stats make me ill for the amount of work I put into my blog/vlog/and video show.

I keep going because I know I've got a good thing with the blog and hope it's only a matter of time until others agree. I've got a lot to offer, a lot of great advice to share, and a crazy sense of humor. And videos. HELLO! Videos! The whole blog package.

Eh, what can you do?
I always check my stats once a day. I plan to focus my writing more around the searches I get. :)
Yes I check. It's fun when you get a lot of hits in one day. I shouldn't check as often as I do, but it's some validation that someone out there cares about what I have to say. Though I often think, "Why would anyone really want to read this?" But a few people do I guess.
um, I can't participate in this discussion cause I have to go check my stats ;)


I'm addicted
I used to when I first started and when I started a new blog. Now I just blog. I don't think about who is reading, what might bring them in or where they came from.

My site meter used to state what country they came from and I found that interesting.
I used to check them religiously. Now, I only check when someone asks about my stats.
I just blogged about this!! I swear I'm addicted to it! I look at it way more times than I should each day!
Yes...but I check it...Alexa rank mostly :D But not everyday. But when my alexa rank down, oh boy...i got little bit panic hi hi hi....

But blogging is really fun so...I just enjoy it :D
I'm totally addicted to checking my stats, and I'm trying to wean myself off doing that. I generally check them throughout the day, but I'm trying to do it just twice: Once in the morning and once before I go to bed. My stats have been up and down, but I'm working a lot harder to keep them steady at the high end. Then maybe I wouldn't obsess over them so much :)


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