If so, share your experience with us!!

If not, would you like to? Why or why not?

*I sound like such a teacher, LOL*

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Have I been to a blog party....?? Thats like asking ...have you been to Target lately?
Why sure! I like that it gets a bunch of blogs all in one place., speedy reading...I love 'stumbling' on cool sites that way....then they are the prizes- who does't like a prize?

Right now I am MommyFest -ing
Have a great day! STay Cool :-P
Not yet, and probably not for a while. I'm not sure why - I guess because I'm not really interested in them, or I don't know enough about them yet.
I was clueless when I did my first one. Never heard about it and really had no one to ask. I just jumped in and it was a fun time. You might want to try just one. I am sure there will be more throughout the year. It is a great networking tool if anything.
If you are asking about the online blog parties, then yes I've done a few of them. They are fun, you find new blogs & get new visitors to your blog. If you are talking about meetings in real life, then I have never done that.
I have been to two - both in the last few months. First was with Five Minutes For Mom and the second, Mommyfest, which just finished. I am still going through the blogs. There are so many of them it is difficult to find the end of the line :) The only down side - is that once they stop by, not many seem to ever stop by again.
You mean like Mommyfest?? Yes, oh and I did the 5 minutes for Moms one. or in person.
I had no idea there were blog parties online! I only thought there were the popular ones that Dooce and PW attend in Austin. Never been but sounds fun. Although, I don't have a laptop and that seems like an essential piece of equipment:(
That is true Danny! I have found that once you do start participating in them though, you will keep running into the same people. Eventually they become readers. I know I find tons of blogs to read from these. I a lot of times, I read them in bloglines, so I don't always comment.

I know there is a summer one coming up at Notes from my Nest. Not sure of dates.
yes I have been to a few and I like them. You always meet some nice new bloggers. They are so fun!
I realized how small the blogosphere was on my last party. I ran into a ton of the same bloggers from the 5 mins for moms party and it was great.
i want to but i dont know how to throw one. i promised guy kawasaki who runs i would throw one. but im quite stuck. lol


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