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This week, I have been feeling a little less than my happy self. So, I had some trouble with writing blog posts. I wear my heart on my sleeve and to write like all was just peachy in my world was not being my true self. I want my blog to be an encouraging place to stop by, but I also desire to be real. I am just not sure how much "realness" my readers really want. We have so much real life to deal with, I don't want to be a downer. But I also want to be authentic.

What do you say? How real do you think blogging moms should be? And when you are feeling down, do you blog about it or not?

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I'm not sure what other think...but my blog is very much me. True there are lots of times when I'm sunshine and light, but when I'm not, I let that out too. My blog is my outlet. My communication tool. I don't write it for others, though I love the friends I have found via my blog and love when they comment.

I try to be the same way in person. I've learned that keeping a mask on only keeps people at arm's distance. When I open up about my life, I find others who have walked on the trail I'm following now and are quick to help. I've also found others I can help too! Nothing helps me get out of my grief quicker than helping someone else!

I guess a good question would be 'Why did I start blogging?' If it was to share your experiences than I do expect people to be REAL. I want to know if I'm the only one out here that goes through this stuff!
If it's just a story that sounds good, and you can pick up on that after a while, than I feel a little cheated. (If it's made clear in the header that I'm reading creative writing that's fine. I'm all for that. But if it's being passed off as your true life that can be a big disappointment. A.K.A. James Frey)
If you aren't feeling so hot, and you feel the need to share and connect with us about that, go for it. It might make a bad time just a little better. Someone might be able to help.
I think that's one of the best things about having a blog.
I do try and keep a bit of the most personal stuff off my blog....but sometimes, it just has to get out...and my blog is the only place I can just run off at the mouth. My blog is true to my personality..I mean I dont blog about things or put opinions out there for is for me. I try not to write anything that I would be unhappy or embarrassed if it was revealed to the public at large. I think if this showed up on Oprah tomorrow, would I feel comfortable with my opinion? with myself? regardless the topic. That is kind of how I look at things before I add to my blog.
I think 'privacy' is a moving target and will probably change as you blog and as you life evolves.
Good point about the opinions and going on Oprah!
I have heard that a lot of people are more extraverted on their blogs than in real life.

This is turning out to be a very helpful discussion! Thank you, ladies!
I think I am completely myself, sometimes probably too much!
I have 2 blogs, one is more of a business and education blog, so I don't really include much about myself int hat one..
My other blog is more of a personal blog and I do share somethings about myself and family...I try to keep it positive but sometimes life gets in the way and I share those not so positive moments too. It shows people that you are 'real' and they tend to relate more to you:)
I write more of the good- the stuff I want to remember. I often have thoughts I just type up. I do have a hard time writing about the fits my kids have and guilt I have as a mom-
For me I started my blog to be personal. So it is all me. To share the ups and downs of my family. I know if I am having a down day and I post about it, there is someone that is going to lite a spark under me to get me picked up, or is going to share their own story. I like to have that kind of conversation going. I want to be authentic and I think that is why people read my blog. Like amy said, "I don't write for others." Write for you - be the person you are - and that is what I think people will follow.
I usually do not appreciate people who put up a glamour, I like people keeping it real. I am not down very often, I am a very optimistic idealist, however the times I am down or had a bad day I most definatly write about it. I am the real me whether in person or in blog world.
I feel the need to be very transparent and "real" in my blog postings. You can definitely see the norma up and down trends of mommy life in my writing. It's just me being me. I like it that way. Check it out:
I believe with all my heart that you should be as real as the beat of your heart. It's what compels your readers and friends to want more of you.

When I'm having those down days before I blog about it I put it in perspective. I ask myself questions like is this really a big deal or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill. After answering those questions I feel a little better that's when I feel my heart is open. Open to being honest with myself and realizing that it's not that bad, whatever I'm going through. Now you are ready to blog about it with confidence that this too shale pass. Sure you can share your down days without your blog becoming a place full of complaints. I do believe readers don't want that part of you all the time :)
I share my personality freely online. I do however, try to stay positive for the most part on my blog. But I say what I think in a way that expresses my true personality.

Another aspect of "real" is revealing information about yourself and your family members. While I feel my writing expresses who I am, it is my personal policy not to reveal much about my children or my family life. It is just something I feel comfortable with. :)

Great question!

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