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This week, I have been feeling a little less than my happy self. So, I had some trouble with writing blog posts. I wear my heart on my sleeve and to write like all was just peachy in my world was not being my true self. I want my blog to be an encouraging place to stop by, but I also desire to be real. I am just not sure how much "realness" my readers really want. We have so much real life to deal with, I don't want to be a downer. But I also want to be authentic.

What do you say? How real do you think blogging moms should be? And when you are feeling down, do you blog about it or not?

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I like to think my personality comes through in my writing :). I do try to stay positive, but that's pretty much how I am in person too. Not that I don't have my down days but as someone else said, I try to put that into perspective and not be too much of a downer. If I'm going to write a "venting / having a rough day" post I will most likely try to end it on a positive note, even if it's just hoping tomorrow will be better!
I'm pretty open, mostly because that's the reason I started my blog--as a means of venting in a humorous way so that I don't go completely insane. :) Although if something truly tragic happened, I'd be pretty open about that, too, mostly as a means of therapy. Sorry you're having a hard time--let it all out, if you're comfortable. Your readers will understand.
I try to be me when I blog. I really don't know how to be anyone else. If anything, I probably hold back a bit. It would be easy for me to rant more often, but I'm afraid that would turn people off. My family expects it, but total strangers wouldn't know how to handle it. I think part of the reason I hold back just a bit is because many Christians come to my blog and also many other homeschoolers. Christians are the last people that are supposed to "judge", but being as they read it online and don't know the real me, it would be easy to think I'm something I'm not or misinterpret what's typed. I find not being able to show emotion is the hardest. It's not like anyone can see me laughing as I type or my real actual frustration....much less trying to put it all in typed words.

However, I am who I am and I think that comes through when I blog. I at least home so!!
I struggle with this to a degree, because the source of what I write about can be a real downer overall. My daughter has cancer and often times, like today, my posts are not cheerful. I do mix a lot of the normal life, the funny and unusual. But the truth of it is that the people who read blogs don't have perfect lives and if you are comfy just letting it all hang out, the people who come back and invest of their time to be a part of your journey are going to respect that. I blog about it all and it's a pretty encouraging to see when people acknowledge that life is not rosy, and my being honest about it helps them be honest about it.

--Anissa @ Hope4Peyton
I try to be as authentic as possible without giving intimate details of the struggle Im facing, and strongly believe that moms needs other moms to do the same. I think often times moms looking in get a misconception that there are moms that have it all together, all the time, they are organized, creative, patient and LOVE being a mom. This leaves them to question themselves on why they weren't made like that, and they in turn questions themselves as women, and the role they are playing.... Why couldn't we all be a stepford wife.

I think that keeping it real, letting it out and reflecting is the best thing we can do to support and encourage each other - through good times and bad. It makes us other moms feel more "normal."

Not only that, when your going through a down time, its nice to get an encouraging word from the outside...
What I show on my main blog is all me -- but more of the upbeat side. I do have some heavier issues that I deal with in my life and tend to post those on my alternate blog. That way my readers can choose what/how much they want to read.
hi, janel! definitely, too blog is to be so much of me... even though some people i know say that, 'dont wear your heart out on your sleeves.' i still love wearing it... :-)
I, for one, want real. Life is so hard when you think that you are alone with the trials you face. The blogs I identify with, and ultimately return to, are those that present an authentic look at life. We all have so many acquaintances who only show the "great side" of their lives. The true friends are those who allow us to peer into the low points, the sorrow, the laughter and the woe--those who show us despair and then ultimately show us the joy that finally follows. That is authenticity, and that is what counts.
I'm a big complainer. I got it from my mom, but I don't think that I'm nearly as bad about it as she is. I warn folks in my header that my blog is mostly my "gritching" about my life.
I know I shouldn't complain so much...but I do. maybe that's why I only have about 10 loyal readers, and 5 of those are my real life friends. LOL
No one's happy all of the time, and if they are I want to know what they're taking! I think it's good to let your readers know what you're going through. You not only get it off your chest, but you might even find support in you readers.
I think I show a lot of myself in my blogging. Of course they tend to lean toward my kids and their personalities more but hey...that is me.


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