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I admit it: I fantasize that (insert celebrity) reads my blog every day.

Share your celebrity fantasy.

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Interesting ... I hadn't thought about it, but yes, -- I'd be thrilled if a big name in the wine business read me. Hugh Johnson, Jancis Robinson, do I dare add Robert Parker. The trouble with wine blogging is that the high muckety-mucks (I just love that word) can hardly learn from an amateur. Sigh :-/
Oprah and she loves it and puts me on her show and it happens to be a special blogger Favorite Things show.... Yes I have thought about it!
That would be so amazing! A studio full of bloggers who "think" they're going to talk about the whole blogging/internet thing and it's the FT show! *sigh*
Oh, I can honestly say that it really is no one big like Oprah. I was really thinking fantasy for mine. Mine is more a fantasy of the actor I really like and wish he would wisk me away for the vacation I so desperately need :) But, if you go to my blog and take a peak at my Laminated List, he is number 1, Gerard Butler.

Well, time to wake up from that dream.

Truly though, I would love for someone to really sink their teeth into my blog. Oprah would be a BIG plus on that. And I am so waiting for the FT show with me on. Oh, another dream >sigh< :)
I don't know if this counts, but my fantasy is that any of the popular bloggers would start reading my blog and link to it often!

Boy, how dorky did that sound--like a nerd trying to hook up with the cool kids!
I think we all want this in some way :)
Keanu Reeves
WELL actually I did get a celebrity to read my blog and all it took was asking nicely. Can't say who, sorry, but I've found some celebs are big blog readers in their spare time.

The other well known person I dream of reading my blog is a big time producer of Three and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory. His name is Chuck Lorre and at the end of each show, you can pause your DVR to read his vanity cards. Hilarious guy. I want to be him when I grow up. I wrote a blog letter to him where I tripped all over myself in my flattery and angst.

My experience in the short time I've been doing my internet video show is that you never know who is out there. You never know. Your favorite celebrity might be reading your blog after all!!
Dooce and **prepares self for mocking** Joey McIntyre of NKOTB. What can I say? Perhaps Stephen King, if he'd leave me a witty comment?
Oprah. totally. we have a relationship, she just doesn't know it. It all started in high school when my husband (OK he wasn't my husband at the time) got into some- uh- legal trouble and I lamented "I can't love him, because 30 yrs from now, Oprah will ask me why the hell I married him and I'll be like- 'I don't know."

So I toss her name into my posts every now and then.

I tried to win a spa vacation and she dissed me. Dude- I have 6 daughters. WTF?
I never thought of this before, but the first person who popped into my head is Angelina Jolie! I would love to have that many kids and even more so be able to afford to adopt a few as well. I've always wanted a big family!
You know what, I'd be happy if ANY celebrity read my blog every day. :) It wouldn't kill me if they decided they liked me and told the press about me, either. Haha.

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