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Wow! Are there really over 600 members? Tell me a little about yourselves. What state do you live in? What's your occupation? What's your hubby's occupation? How many kids do you have? Do you have any pets? Are you here to promote your personal blog or a business blog? What's your favorite Starbucks drink? Do you live in the country or city? Do you like movies or books? Answer any or all or add a few of your own!

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I'll start:)

Police officer
2 boys (6 and 4)
2 dogs (sibes)
personal blog
iced mocha
New York
Research Director
One on the way!
Personal Blog
Iced Grande Decaf Latte
I'm a city girl

I'll add one: Favorite sport: running
Mmmmm, iced grande decaf latte.

Favorite sport (to watch!): Nascar
Central CA
Civil Engineer/ Land Surveyor
3 kids (9.5, 7, and 2)
1 outside cat
personal blog
I don't like Starbucks...rather our little drive thru Java hut....1/2 decaf 1/2 regular, 24 oz. 2 sweet n low or splenda
I love both movies and books
live in a little town...not quite a city, closer to country
love baseball in person and on t.v.
I loved your interview with your husband about his job! So funny!
Hey Mom Bloggers!
I'm a stay-at-home Blogger from suburban PA
Personal blog to express all the dumb crap that pops into my brain.
2 little girls, 10 & 7 who have unfortunately inherited my sense of humor.
I'm a dunkin donuts iced coffee girl
I used to read and watch movies before I discovered blogging.
Will make time for "Lost" "The Office" and "In Treatment".
Will drop everything for a glass of wine with a girlfriend.
Probably not the cook/housekeeper my husband wishes I was.
Not enough space here to express how much i care about that.
Love to dance - love 70's music - "Play That Funky Music" is my ringtone.
WAHM owner and designer of Kristen's Custom Creations
Program Manager
1 kiddo
1 greyhound he is a rescue and is huge
both personal and biz
grande non fat no foam latte and grande mocha frap
city girl
movies for sure
Hi everyone,
I joined about a week ago or so and am from AZ.
I have two young sons and a loving husband who helps me with the boys, cooking and cleaning!
I used to have a cat. We hope to have another family pet as the boys get older.
I have a personal/business blog that I blog on. I may start a personal blog in the future and keep them separate when I find more time to blog.
I don't drink Starbuck's much, but do like their cool drinks, not sure what they are called.
I live in the city and am from a small town.
I like movies over books.
I don't care for sports much, but if I watch I prefer to watch basketball over football or baseball.
-I live in England right now, but moving to Utah this summer
-I am a registered nurse in a newborn intensive care unit
-He is a registered nurse too
-I have three kids 16, 11, and 8
-one rabbit
-personal blog
-Caramel Macchiato
-movies and books
Jewellery designer
Twin cats and lots of farm animals
My blog is primarily business but has personal elements in it
I've never been to Starbucks :(
Both movies AND books

Sport: Tennis
Hi there! I followed a link from Plurk and joined today.

I live in Georgia. My "occupation" is Mommy, I suppose, but I'm also a college student. I'm disabled and have been fighting Social Security for years now. I was a technical writer and software quality assurance analyst when I worked.

My partner, Sam, works in IT at a graduate school near us. He's also a very talented writer and podcaster, and he develops roleplaying games. He used to be employed in the RPG industry, but that's not a stable way to support a family.

We have one kid at home, my daughter Katie, who is 17. She's homeschooled and will be starting college this fall. Sam's kids are 16 and 19 and have been living out west with their mother for a few years now. The oldest attends college in Oregon.

One cat, Kioshi, deigns to share our living space right now. He just turned 2. Our elder cat, Shelley, died last year at 18. We want more cats and a dog again, but that's going to have to wait 'til we move out of this house to one of our own (with a fully fenced yard).

I mostly blog on my personal site at http://technomom.com/ . I have several others, and a professional site at http://cynthiaarmistead.com/ that I'm about to move to WordPress.

Decatur is a sweet little city tucked up against Atlanta. We love living "in town" enough to use public transit (we just have one car), although we do miss being able to see the stars. We're seriously evaluating other states to move to, although Sam is from the Atlanta area and I've been here most of my life.

I read constantly, and post a book review or two to my blog most weeks. I like movies, but don't go out much, so I don't see anything 'til it's available on Netflix.

How about you?
I work full-time with adults who have chronic mental illnesses and am working towards being able to stay home.
Hubby is a construction foreman.
Sara Rose is our only. She is 13 months old.
We have 2 cat.
I am here to promote my blogs: www.sararosetutus.com where I sell tutus and www.busymommyproductreview.blogspot.com my new one where I am reviewing products that I like.
I love a caramel frap
I live 1/2 hour outside of Washington DC.
I like books and movies (books more)


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