If my mom blog could be featured in any magazine it would be....

Business Week?

Which glossy would you love to be featured in?

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parenting magazine....for sure....

Fortune 500! LOL!
Um, Parents magazine maybe? I don't know.
Parents, or Parenting
I'd have to say Family Fun or Parents.
Quilters Home or maybe CRAFT - that would be a dream! I'd love to get into something like Radar too.

Snippets and Blabbery
Creating Keepsakes (just because I love that magazine and I love scrapbooking)
Star! LOL
Psychiatry Today?

Okay, perhaps Bass Player Magazine.
Or maybe RockGirl Magazine.
Why not think big and go for broke: Rolling Stone!!!!

Okay, I'll take Psychiatry Today and shut up now.
Variety! (A show business daily.) Because it would mean all my dreams came true.
Probably Parents magazine. Because everything I write about relates to parenting in one way or another.
Hmmm, probably People Magazine - I'm a wanna be celebrity :-) LOL


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