If my mom blog could be featured in any magazine it would be....

Business Week?

Which glossy would you love to be featured in?

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I am huge into decorating I guess for my blog I would have to say Better Homes and Garden or some Stay at home mom magazine..if there is one out there :)
Country Woman
Cosmo. Oh! Wait! No, I don't know. Maybe Parenting. Certainly not Vogue--not right now anyway.
People Magazine! It's fun for pop culture.
I had my blog featured once in the local Parenting magazine for its mother's day special. :)
Pregnancy Magazine...I write about organizing issues for moms and busy women. In May '09, I have a book coming out, The Organized Mom. Great way to start off as a new mom!
US Weekly, Elle, Cosmo Girl, Neet

I want the handmade revolution to catch on. People don't seem to grasp just how wonderful it really is! Handmade does not equal junk! Sure some is junk but 95% off the businesses that I have come in contact with are amazing and things you'd see in stores. I won't lie there has been times that I'm directed to a shop or website and I can't even figure out why they are still in business but that's very rare!

Support Indie and the smaller venues especially this holiday season.
I would love my blog to be featured in CWO magazine, or Military Spouse magazine!
id love to have my blog featured in any creative writing mags like Writers Digest, Poets & Writers.. since i am a writer by profession & when i write i n my blog, i try to be as creative as possible - whether writing for personal thoughts or for product reviews. but then again, that is just who i am LOL..
I was really, really happy to get a mention on Good called my blog "snarky." I'd love to get a mention in the local paper actually; as much as I joke about the blighted area I live in, meeting others who feel the way I do would help a little...
I would have to make up a magazine and call it, "Blogger Babbles" or "Blogaddix-Your Twelve Step Program to Blogging" (sp. intentional, there's probably a mommy blog out there with that name lol)
O magazine, of course!

But I would also love to be in Parents. Two children's book blogs I'm familiar with were just featured in the October issue of Family Fun and I thought it was so great!


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