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Well my first son is now 1 month and 23 days old and since pregnancy ive been upsessed with making sure there is not one memory forgotten along the way. I have 3 scrapbooks already but I wanted to share all my childs memories beyond the boundaries of my living room so i tried looking for a way to keep a digital baby book online. I found several sites offering this type of service but to my suprise they were all either poorly designed and lacking features or overpriced. After finding out how limited my resources were other that to start a wp blog I decided to create the sollution myself and share it with every parent i could for free. So this is where im out on my baby book journey I have my site up and running and am working day and night to add all the features i feel this site requires and deserves and its been a long journey.

So far we have an online community with blogs,videos,photo albums,quizzes,polls an arcade and all the standard features you would expect from a "social networking" site
but we are in the process of developing the actual module that will allow you to design and share your baby book online. Its not a very simple sollution but it will be worked out soon and well be adding features routinely but i really need support it doesnt cost a penny but im just not getting any members or feedback so can some mommy's let me know there thoughts on this. check the site out and tell me what you would like to see if you were a member. I understand all the features of my site are out there but there scaterred across the web and i want to give parents and myself one place to concentrate on keeping memories safe and parenting. anyway i didnt want this to feel like an advertisement so i put the link way down here if your interested check it out and give me some feedback and also understand we are under construction.

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