We've all had our share of not-so-nice comments from readers. What was the worst ever left in your comments?

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"I found your site by accident. This entry was so rude and off-puttingly sarcastic, I won't be coming back again. If you are having a bad mood, keep your fingers outta the blog. "

- Anonymous.

I wasn't in a bad mood at all. I was joking. Apparently Ms. Anonymous didn't think it was funny. Who was she to tell me to keep *my* fingers out of *my* blog? Just amazing. She even admits she's not a regular reader. Why then should I even begin to care about her opinion?

The fact that it was from "Anonymous" only made it more ridiculous. It doesn't take any brains or courage of your convictions to perform a hit and run like this. I think she must be a pretty unhappy person to launch an anonymous attack on a blog she's never seen before.
I've been very fortunate not to have received any bad comments. Of course, I've only been blogging since August, so give it a little more time and I'm sure I'll get a couple. I'm not even sure what I'd do--leave it and get support from my regular readers or delete it and crawl under my desk and cry for my hubby.
I one time had a quiz on a tv show and someone left a comment saying I should find something better to do w/ my time besides blogging. Pretty rude huh!
Someone commented jokingly that I was a "B" word in reference to a post I wrote and I knew she was joking. Someone emailed me and asked how i'd address being treated that way, so I simply wrote a brief follow up to clear the air.
I have been fortunate enough to not have any *rude* comments. I have had a few that were meant in fun and that was that. What would I do if I received a rude comment? Before deleting it, I would copy it into a post and then write something about it so that everyone would know how rude the person really was. Now if they were Anonymous like ThreeUnderTwo's comment was, I would still do it and then let them know what I thought about being Anonymous.
I think I got the worst one this morning. I was finishing up a review-series on a book that advocated lots of governmental programs and taxes. The author had suggested programs from other countries, countries that don't have much of a military presence in the world. I thought I had stated my opinion in a way to encourage discussion from those who disagreed with me (I still think I did, and a lot of people did respectfully disagree with me, which is great. I love discussion).

But my second commenter left the following comment:
The US needs a large military? 9/11 proves that?
That’s it, I’m outta here. I use to think that perhaps this blog had a modicum of intelligence. This post proves otherwise. Delete RSS now.

On my birthday, no less. Good thing I have thick skin! It bothered my husband and mom more than it bothered me! LOL
I haven't received any bad comments luckily *knock on wood it continues* but I have had spam comments which have surprised me.
I got frustrated over some rude people and wrote a post complaining. Some anon left me a comment that I was too stupid to have any right to complain because I misspelled a few words.
I do vlog entries, so I open myself up to people commenting about what I say AND how I look.

Some 20 year old kid commented, which is funny because he's SO not my target audience. He said I wasn't funny. My humor goes nowhere. I have no comedic timing. My schtick is way too drag queen. No wonder everyone thinks I'm so weird.

(That last sentence was a total compliment!)

That's the only negative comment I've gotten about my vlog or show. As for blog entries, I haven't gotten any under my current site of but back when I blogged under another name, I got them all the time. I've been blogging since 2000, so I've had lots of time to rack up the weirdo comments.

In fact, I've had people start mimic blogs TWICE. Blogs that looked like mine but were written by other people to make fun of me. They took my entries verbatim and then switched words around to make me look bad. TWICE this has happened. I've had to call the police over a threatening comment a few years ago. That was freaky. What else? Oh. Someone got fired because she tried to hack into my blog from work. That was a big fiasco. Oh it's been quite the experience being a blogger!

Funny thing is that since I "came out" as a blogger (posted pics and video so I wasn't anonymous anymore) people have left me alone. So far. It won't last forever.

Luckily, none so far and hope none in the future but hey you never know. I only been blogging for four months.

And to those people that thinks we should find something better else to, duh! Why don't they find something else better to do than leaving rude comments and actually use their brains. Sorry, got carried away.
I've only been blogging since April. I have yet to receive any rude comments. Every now and again I get some spam but they are moderated so they never end up on my blog publicly.
I'm kinda afraid because I haven't gotten any horrible comments yet. But, in every other post that I write, I ask people to be nice when they comment. So far it seems to be working.

I did get a very loooooooooong huffy comment once from a person who disagreed with my post and felt that I was endangering ppl by posting what I did. But they were actually kinda nice about it and told me I didn't have to publish it. I didn't. :D

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