We've all had our share of not-so-nice comments from readers. What was the worst ever left in your comments?

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We had one really nasty post from a reader bashing businesses owned by WAHM. It was pure mean - but we actually turned it around and used it to start our most successful blog carnival. Nothing gets the moms blogging like a guy who thinks he knows what's he's talking about and needs to be put in his place, lol.
I had some anonymous person tell me my kids were ugly. I deleted that post and just ignored them. They eventually got bored with it.
I had a reader accuse me of not being a real Christian because I said husbands and wives enjoying each others' bodies is biblical? (Uh, there's an entire book about it in the Bible, hello?)

She didn't quit reading my blog, but did stop commenting on it. I quit reading hers, though.

And I feel sorry for her husband.
Oh I've received shit tons of horrible comments over the years because I'm very opinionated on my blog :P It doesn't bother me I just leave them or I don't. WP has this button now where if you hit it, stuff goes into a "trash" folder. It's awesome :D
I've gotten one in the almost 3 years of blogging. It was very hurtful...but I hung in there!

Just got this mean comment.  Accused of starting mommy wars.  I guess she never heard what we tell the kids in school:  "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all!"  


"you can step down off your high horse now. Not all kids can sleep alone nor should their be a blanket expectation that they do. Weisbluth and others like Ferber, Hogg, etc, their methods are being questioned by science, legit science from Notre Dame, Harvard, MIT. Crying over 10 minutes causing brain inflammation, higher risks of SIDS b/c of the unnatural deep sleep CIO causes. Not to mention the negative effect early STTN can have on nursing. Training = Get used to not being near mommy, which from a biological and anthropological perspective contradicts our wiring as a species. Some kids can do that, others can't, but spouting like their inability is a reflection of inconsistent parenting or not being tough enough is incorrect. Kids can get the AAP amount of sleep without a crib, in slings, with mommy and daddy, it doesn't really matter as long as they get that precious sleep, which I agree with you, is damn good for the brain. Every kid is different, their sleep needs different. I had a 3 hr napper until 6 weeks ago, and just as it has happened before, after every growth spurt, the sleep needs get rewired so it dropped an hour. This time, though, it seems like it rewired the nap out of the sleep equation, only to happen maybe once or twice a week if we are lucky, AND driving. If there's a nap, it doesn't affect the total daily hours, its 11, no matter what, and thats smack in the middle of the AAP recs for the age. Was my LO one to sleep alone? Nope and I didn't want it that way either. Was I an absolute NAZI about getting naps in and sticking to AAP guidelines for hours of sleep, you bet. The schedule was perfect, the patterns regular. Just remember, you are one mom, just like any of us moms out there. People only pay attention to you because you won a contest and have a free car. Count your blessings for that instead of starting mini mommy wars by insinutating those of us who don't follow the Annie Stowe school of sleep are doing our children any disservice."



I haven't had any rude comments, but I'm still new!! The worst I get is a comment on a heartfelt post about my life or a struggle and then get a comment like "New follower, come follow me back!!" least comment on what I blogged first.. teehee!!

Oh man...

When we were adopting, an anti-adoption group found our blog. We had just gone through a failed adoption where we were badly manipulated and taken advantage of. When we got back, my inbox was filled with comments from this anti-adoption group. They were saying we didn't deserve to have children and making fun of us because we were infertile. The things they said were awful, and I got about fifty comments like that before I stopped reading. Some of them threatened us and we had to file a police report. It took me a while to get the courage up to blog again.  

'I feel sorry for your kids.'

It still hurts!

I haven't had all that many negative comments left on my blog - a few people who disagreed with me, but nothing too terrible. The worst, by far, was another blogger who felt we were abusing our children by taking them on a "forced march" on bikes to Argentina. He was outright nasty in his posts (Yes, he wrote about THREE times!).

I have to say that was a pretty scary time - we had no idea what he or his followers would do. I totally expected to get a visit from CPS upon our return to the USA.

Fortunately, the outpouring of support as a result of his posts was incredible and it more than offset the negativity of the posts.


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