There are definitely things you can and cannot do as a blogger. What are the biggest blogging no-nos in your book?

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I do use my DC names on more personal post, but on the day to day stuff I use letters. I don't try it just comes out that way. I write what I feel so sometimes you will see certain political stuff come out but all in context.
spamming blogs .... (commenting on a blog ... hey hi there .. check out my blog at www........... ) its rude !!
I do not blog about work.
I agree with Monica. I don't think it's appropriate to post nude pictures of your children no matter how cute you think they look, that's a big no no for me. I try posting things that I was involved in but keeping my identity from being exposed as much as possible.
I don't blog about my mother-in-law.

Haha ;) Actually she's a nice lady but I really don't blog about her or my parents. I just don't ever want to chance saying something they might find some day that I might regret.

Going Bananas Blog
I don't post names.
I think for the most part you need to be yourself but I avoid politics since that is such a touchy subject. Nude pics are a huge no no!!!
I have to share something about the toddler nudity thing. About one year ago, my daughter got burned on a plastic playground slide, while we were running through sprinklers in a friend's backyard. She had a 2nd degree burn on her butt cheek, and it was just horrifying! I included a link picture of it in a post about the situation, to serve as a warning to other parents - and of course, I felt weird enough about it that I put up a disclaimer AND cropped out everything in the picture but her little burned booty. Still, though, I got more searches that ended up on THAT PICTURE than any other for months and months. It creeped me out to the point where I altered the picture and cropped out everything except the burn, so you can't even tell what part of the body it's on. There are freaks out there everywhere, I guess!
I'll blog about just about anything I'd talk to people in general about, so I don't shy away from religion or politics. Nobody is forced to read my posts if they don't agree, so why worry?

I don't tell anything on my daughter or partner that they would find embarrassing. It really bothers me when people do that to their families. They have their own blogs, and if they want to tell on themselves, they can do it.

If I'm upset with somebody, I'll tell that person directly--I don't blog about it. I can't tell you how often I read people's posts about their kids/spouses/friends/coworkers, and I have to wonder why they aren't talking directly to that person.

I vented about some things in friends-locked posts a few years ago when I blogged on LiveJournal and found that there's almost no real security in using that feature, because there's always some jerk wanting to stir up trouble who will copy the text and send it to whoever you're upset with. So now, if I wouldn't say something to your face, I won't say it online, even if I do think I'm talking "privately." Of course, I'm a pretty forthright person, so you might be surprised at what I'll say to a person's face ;-)

I second (or third or whatever) the person who said she never says where they're going until after the fact. I also never say exactly where my partner works, my kid goes to school, we worship, etc. No Girl Scout troop numbers or leaders' names, sport teams or leagues, dance school names, none of that. Our family has had trouble (for over a decade!) with a crazy stalker, and I used to do volunteer work helping other harassment victims.

Even with reposting or linking to other people's content, I recommend that people just don't do it if they would mind having a theoretical 4-year-old pipe up and repeat whatever it was in the middle of an extended family dinner with pastors and all present.

Even when reviewing books and the like, I try to separate the author and the content of a book. I've had more than one author respond to my reviews, which proves that you never know who might be reading what you write! Drop the personal attacks and focus on content. I've read reviews in which the poster said things like, "X must be such a slut because her characters are always sleeping around!" If I found that the sex got in the way of the plot in a book, I'd say that--I wouldn't assume anything about the author's personal life or beliefs, though.
I agree with a few other posters...

... no last name details on trips until after
... no name of my kid's school
... no details on anyone outside the house- unless it's close folks that i know won't mind.
...I will from time to time post some controversial issues like gay marriage (i support) and such but I try to keep it pretty light addresses
... no when we will be where postings...
.... ABSOLUTELY nothing nude or naked or even suggestive

So I think that's mostly just common sense.
I would say NEVER complain about or bad-mouth someone else on your blog. You never know if they're reading your blog. Especially if you have a "business" blog, like one of mine. It's just tacky.
It's my space and I blog what I want to blog and if you don't like it, don't look at it....that's how I feel about it..



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