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Once I start writing, I find it hard to stop - so my posts tend to be on the long side. What is good blogging etiquette? When working to gain an audience, should I keep it short and sweet? Does seeing a long post turn readers off before they even start reading?

Here's a sample of my writing so you know what I'm talking about

-- Anna

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Unless it captures me in the first paragraphy, I usually am outta there. Not so much because I'm not interested but because my time is limited. I don't like super short posts either because to me, if it's that short then it's lacking in value.

People are lazy these days and have short attentions spans so if it's gonna be long, make it good;)
It all depends -- if it's too long I usally don't read the whole thing and skip to the good parts. Most often, though, long posts turn me off.
I have to admit, I'm a lazy reader and I have a butt load of blogs in my google reader. If I see one that is long AND doesn't grab me, I'm likely to move on. Length alone doesn't make my decision, but if I'm not engaged right away, I'll stop reading.

My own general guideline on length is around 500 words at the most - I won't go longer unless it's a damn good reason.
Anna -
I think it depends entirely upon the reader... and the topic. If you can keep your reader/user engaged for five paragraphs... more power to you. I tend to write shorter posts... because that's what I have time for and allows me to include more variety in my blog. However... when you've got a story to tell, it's not always possible to get it out in just a few short paragraphs. Look at this comment... it's probably gone on longer than it needs to... but just like you... sometimes I can't help myself.

Happy Fourth of July!

~The Baby Mama
Yeah it depends some bloggers are "Great" story tellers and keep you engaged while others you wonder why they even took the time to type it all, so it totally depends.
Not a turn-off if it's

a) well written
b) information
c) entertaining

One big tip - use shorter paragraphs. Much, much shorter. 1 long sentence, 2 medium sentences, occasionally 3. Something like that. :)

It's just much easier on the eye and people are less likely to have their eyes glazed over.


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It depends. If its a subject I'm into or an interesting blog then I read the entire thing. But if its just something that I pass by then I read it quickly.
my attention span is short so too long of posts I usually skim but I too sometimes have long posts.
I totally agree that it needs to be captivating. JEEZ...I hope I am! With so many great blogs it's tough to keep up with them all, so they need to be interesting and entertaining.
It's interesting that this topic just came up because as I am a relatively new blogger, I have been wondering what people prefer..long or short.
I am the same way with a movie, if it doesn't grab me in the first 45 minutes I am out of there.
If blogging is anything like sex, I'm not particularly fond of quickies. I'll tolerate them, yes; but longer sessions are WAY more satisfying--much like meatier blog posts (both in their creation and in their consumption...) ;-)
I think it really depends on what's being written. I love a good story so I'll read something that's entertaining. Reading a long winded diary about what Johnny is eating each day isn't my cup of tea, but if he's spitting at everyone and rubbing it in his hair, then by all means make it long and entertaining.
I tend to ramble on at times but it's just because there's so much to say some days and no adult around to listen to me ramble....

Thank you for your honest opinions, everyone! Sarah - I appreciate the tip to break up the paragraphs, I will definitely keep it in mind.


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