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Once I start writing, I find it hard to stop - so my posts tend to be on the long side. What is good blogging etiquette? When working to gain an audience, should I keep it short and sweet? Does seeing a long post turn readers off before they even start reading?

Here's a sample of my writing so you know what I'm talking about

-- Anna

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I read some of your posts, and I definitely recommend breaking the posts into several short paragraphs.
It depends on what it is about. However, I usually like when things are kept short, sweet and right to the point. :)
Most of the time...yes, unless the topic, or the title, or the first paragraph got my attention.
If it was my first time visiting your blog I would walk away from a post like that...but if you have already captured me as a reader and I like your style I'd definitely hang around. I have little time and like to hit a variety of blogs in one sitting so too many words with no pictures definitely turn me off.
I tend to prefer shorter posts unless it's a topic I'm really interested in.
I think it depends on the information being presented. I tend to skip over long posts on personal blogs, but will read a longer post if it is on a subject matter that I am curious about. On my blogs, the length of posts varies quite a bit. My travel blog seems like it is usually going to have longer posts because there is a bit more material to cover in a post. However, my money saving blog will usually be shorter posts because it's usually just a short note about a money saving opportunity. One thing that turns me off from long posts is if they are one big paragraph. I need to see proper punctuation and paragraph structure to keep me interested in reading.
It depends on how well I know the blogger, if that is their typical style, and a few other things. Short and sweet will help you retain readers, but if you are mostly journaling, then it shouldn't matter.
Yes, I don't read long blog posts. Here's an example of a blog that keeps it short and sweet.
really all depeds. if it is something that interests me, dont really care how long the post is BUT the post MUST have pictures ...lots of em hehehe. what i normally do with long posts is, unless a subject of my interest, skim-read. go to good part:) i dont normally do long posts unless necessary.


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