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Did you use a generic template? Have someone custom design it? How did you decide on your design?? I have a freebie template right now but really want something my own! Most blogs I've visited don't list the designer anywhere so I'm wondering if all you people with these great blogs are talented in the designing aspect too??? If so....pffftttt! lol

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Mine started as a generic Blogger layout; I tweaked it with some of my digi-scrapping supplies to make it more "me." It's not bad for now. I'm still planning what I really want it to look like!
i'm back with another response :-)

My sister and I recently teamed up to design websites! I'm pretty good with the back-end, tech, geeky stuff, but she's the artist. I would have liked the first design to be my own websites (all 3 of them!), but money was calling our name so we've been devoting our time to our first 2 clients.

Send me a message if you need a website/blog design!
I always do my templates; it really is very, very easy. I searched for tips on specific things I wanted to do (like three columns) and then used graphic programs to design headers.
Did mine on my own. I used for the artsy elements :-)

I use template from Only manage to add a cute cartoon angel on header. The rest...well.....I don't know how to do it. I have this idea of adding flying heartshapes or twinkle stars on the header but don't know how to do it. I wish I have the talent but I have none. hehe....Can any dear mummy here be able to help? Thanks.
Nicole from Apron Strings Aflutter, she was amazing!

La Dolce Vita
I started out with a customizable template and designed all of my own elements. I'm going to be tweaking my header and buttons, they will constantly stay the same, but then I'm going to have fun with the background for different seasons and holidays!

Still, now, I have designed several blogs, but I would love to share my blogging, web development and designing journey with you. My first blog with a Blogspot one and I remember I didn't work a lot to improve its template. Then I purchased a domain and designed it at web builder provided by the web host. Yes, it was again not worth looking. Due to personal reasons, I didn't pay the hosting and domain registration bills, and it expired.

After losing my job, I decided again to design a website, and this time, I used WordPress CMS, and it was a good experience. Again, I don't have that site because hosting expired too. However, from the last 2-3 years, I am running many sites, few are WP ones, and few are PHP ones. As we are about to face the second lockdown nowadays, that's why I am working on a PHP which is about location-based information for moms. It is the first time when I am working on geo-specific site that's why I am thinking to fetch US postal codes API from here. By the way, GeoName could also be a source, but this site is also offering to fetch data. Hopefully, I would design and build this site successfully very soon. 

Moreover, I also have a dream to make a web portal in Django that's why I am also trying to get some time to learn python. Hopefully, this lockdown would assist me in getting some time to learn python. However, if I address your question, then I don't think freebie templates are worth using, but as a beginner, you should try them. Later on, you should try to design your template your own with the help of different web frameworks. 




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