Do you allow comments to be posted without approving them or do approve all comments first? Why did you decide to do it this way? How about word verification, do you use it on your blog, why or why not?

Hope this question hasn't been asked before

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I don't pre-approve them and I don't think I'd ever delete a comment (unless it is spammy). I try to encourage discussion within comments so making it easy for people to connect with me was important IMO.
I approve my comments as they come in.
I aprrove my comments, not sure why, just do! I don't think I use word verification either, at least I don't think I do.... ha ha ha!
I approve my comments as they come. I didn't do this until I had someone really be abusive and it wasn't even directed at me personally.
I think the fear of people being abusive might be in the back of my head and that is why I approve them, sorry you had to deal with that mess!
Initially, I pre-approved them...but, now I don't. I definitely use word verification. I've only had to delete one so far. Personally, I feel this should be up to the bloggers discretion.
Oh, one more thing...I'm new to this site...when someone requests you to join friends w/ them...and you click on their info...where do you find their blog if they don't come up in the search?
I have my comments moderated because of a loony woman who won't leave me alone. I don't really care what she posts because it's all lies but it still isn't appropriate. Since i am almost always around i don't feel it's a drawback to commenting on my posts, but i AM getting rid of that word verification. It's irritating. True spammers will find a way to get around it anyway eventually.

I DO wish blogspot had a way to reply to individual comments though. I read every comment and it's hard to reply 4 comments later to all of them. It seems wrong to me somehow. On the new blog i am creating it will not be a free hosted blog so i'll be able to add a comment template i can be more interactive with.

I approve them, but only because I had a stalker early on....I could probably stop, but it has turned me into a control freak...and I like it:)
I don't approve them first, but I do read them all and I figure if I ever get something rude I can always delete it. If it becomes a problem I may change it to approve first, but so far everyone has been nice :).

I do use the word verification to avoid getting computerized spam comments.
I've had some, and still do, spammy commenter's so I decided to start approving comments on some blogs. But most of the time i don't. Though all of them has word verification as a safety step.

Tip: Even if you don't want to use comment moderation it can be good to know if someone left a comment on your blog. You might not see it if it is not on the first page, this can be taken advatadge of by spammers.
When I first started my blog, I pre-approved comments before they posted, but I really like the immediate feedback of having them post automatically in real time. I use word verification, and I have only had to delete one spam comment so far.


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