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Do you allow comments to be posted without approving them or do approve all comments first? Why did you decide to do it this way? How about word verification, do you use it on your blog, why or why not?

Hope this question hasn't been asked before

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I don't approve comments. Not yet anyway.
I don't rule it out. It's just that I haven't needed to yet.
I don't approve comments on my blog. I don't have the time or need to do it. If someone wants to post something nasty, that's on them. However, I do know that my blog has an "edit" and I can get rid of the comment if it's too bad. My blog does have the verification code....or at least I think it does. Let's just say it's supposed to!! It helps weed out the bots and spam that can get posted in comments. I don't need that either!!
I don't think I'll ever pre-approve comments, because I'd get a lot of spam. I have a spam blocker now, so there has been less, but I still get the occassional spammy comment. I'd much rather approve each of them. I'm not currently using word verification, but I'm considering it.
i allow comments to just be posted right away. but it's nice to know we have the option to approve first, in case you DO come across some looney. I have never had a problem with anyone *knock on wood* and if i do, it will be interesting! lol

i do use the word verification but i may get rid of it- i know it annoys the crap outta me and others. Sometimes i swear those things have ten letters/numbers!
Yes, I don't pre-approve comments. I respect everyone's opinions even if it's different from my own. However I will delete a comment if I find it inappropriate or harmful in any way. I do use the word verification before comments can be posted, mostly to avoid spam.
I used to moderate, but honestly, it just takes too much of my time to do so now, so I turned moderation off and just plan to delete the occasional spam comment that comes in.

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With me, now all comments must be approve for me first. In the beginning, not. But too much SPAM. So, I change it.

About word verification, I dont use it. I thought it is not use... I hate when I visit other blog and have to do word verification hi hi hi hi...


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