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How to Have a Successful First Doctor’s Appointment with Baby

Newborns typically have six well-baby visits the first year of their lives. From weight checks, to vaccinations, to everything in between, you will be spending a lot of time with the pediatrician. These frequent visits are important to making sure your child is healthy and developmentally…

What Kind of Life Insurance Do You Need for Your Family?

Sooner or later, everyone comes to the realization that they need life insurance. But after the realization, the…



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We've just re-launched and are looking for contributors and editors.

Currently, we have three main columns at Mommy Matter:

* GimmeGimme! which covers product reviews and recommendations.

* Celebébé which is celebrity baby news.

* And The Daily Scoop which is everything else- including featured editorial columns.

As a contributor, you’d be asked to post at least once a month on any topic of your choice that you think will appeal to our audience of women & mothers. As an editor, you’d be asked to post at least three to four times a month with the majority of your articles focused on your chosen editorial field. Contributors wishing to post less than once a month or a limited number of times are considered to be guest authors.

Content does not have to be exclusive to Mommy Matter (in other words, you can use articles that you’ve posted on your own blog or wherever), and every post is concluded with an “About the Author” box that you, of course, are welcome to link back to your personal sites or wherever you wish.

Please let me know if you may be interested or if you're in need of more info!

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I'm interested in being a contributor. I need a link to the blog and a way to contact you.

Fabulous Connie! The site is and you can submit your info to our contributor page at (or email me at admin(at)mommymatter(dot)com). Looking forward to hearing from you!
I would love to contribute to as long as you are okay with an anonymous contributor. My blog, CravingBaby is written anonymously in order to keep my personal and private life kept separate. I work as a professional freelance writer and graphic artist and would be comfortable contributing to a variety of columns. I blog on a daily basis and would be able to contribute one post daily to your site. I am currently trying to conceive my first child and I'm blogging all about it. My blog includes snippets about my personal journey towards joining the "mommyhood" as well as news, product information and opinions on topics that moms are interested in.

Please feel free to contact me via email at if you have any questions about my blog.

~Craving Baby
I would be interested in being an editor if possible if not a contributor will be good too. Let me know what you need if things are still available
@Holly & Craving Baby: I just sent out the emails with the info!

@Jennifer: Visiting your page now... :)
Filled out the form. I'll be on vaca Sunday 7/13 - 7/19 so if I don't reply to you during that time you know why.



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