If I could average (#) comments per post I would literally be in blog heaven.

How many comments per post would make you one content blogger?

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the missing # would be 10... ha ha ha! Sorry about that, baby M loves to hit the keyboard and must have hint the Num Lock!

I feel good with 10. I know that a lot of you already put that number out there. I agree. Some days it is many more, some days it is less.
1-2 comments would be great, then at least I would have some fedback of what I just wrote.
I just love getting comments....number does not matter to much...just look forward to seeing if anyone is really reading my what they have to say about the post! And I love seeing return visitors!! :)
I have a debate blog so I live and die by comments. My dream would be to get at least 10/post. I have nightmares about not getting any. That would be a disaster.
The most I've had on one post was 4, and it was a super-short off the cuff post. Go figure. I just like to know what people think, I'm not hung up on a number, though the posts that I think are great material that go uncommented-upon make me a little sad...
I'd have to say 4 comments a blog is a good number. But I know that I have to be consistent and active to get any comments at all. So it's kinda up to me, lol. Is there a magic way to get people to comment???
5 to 10 per post would be great for me!
I would love 5 or so per comment.. but I am trying not to be too worried about it. When I get no comments I feel like the last kid picked it gym class... no love.
I agree with the person who said that they'd love to get good interaction going. I have one blog that is basically just pictures of our daughter for friends and family and then I have a blog that I write my thoughts and ideas on living simply on. Sometimes I get more comments on the family one because they have more ownership and the comments are more personal. I would love that for my other one too. Right now, I get anywhere from 1-6 on a post.
Ok, since I just started blogging, I would be ecstatic just to have comments on what I have done so far.


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