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Divine Theme

Every so often all bloggers fall into a rut of not knowing what to blog about next. In moments like these wouldn't it be great to be able to go to an idea bin, a place where MBC members share general topics for blog posts to remedy those days when we all get a bad case of writer's block.

Share your ideas for blog posts.

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Recently I ran across these two websites, which are great for ideas I think: and the better of them (for blogging anyway)
Share a favorite childhood memory...
...a family tradition
...your favorite recipe
...a movie/book review
...interview your child/husband/neighbor

Write about your recent vacation.
...chronicle your visit to the hairdresser
...chronicle a day "in your life"
...photograph your garden and share
...make your "bucket list"

Oh I can go on and on...
For me, idea generation is easy due to the nature of my blog. All I have to do is find a great new green product to feature. But I can definitely relate with creative block. What works best for me is to step away from the computer and work in general for a while, then come back hen I can better focus.

I love Jen's suggestions, though!
Thanks Jennae...these are definately general, mom blogger ideas. When you have a more specific blog approach or theme, these may not work. *blush*
What I do is when I have an idea I write it down since sometimes my ideas come in batches that way I can refer back to it when needed. I am a bit all over the place on my blog and share a lot of my experiences w/ my kiddo.
I just went to journaling prompt - what a cool site!!! thanks for the link!

Penny said:
Recently I ran across these two websites, which are great for ideas I think: and the better of them (for blogging anyway)
I usually take 15 minutes every so often and just write down blogging ideas in a little notebook. I also enter them into my blog and save them as drafts so I can work on them when I'm feeling inspired.


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