Do you respond to your readers' comments in the comment section of your blog?

I was just if someone leaves you a comment in one of your posts on your blog, do you usually respond to them in that same comment section of your own blog? Or do you visit their blog and respond to them there?

I often wonder if people come back and read to see if there are responses to their comments. Sometimes I post comments back in my own blog but I don't know if the people commenting even check back!

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I do both - depending on whether it's something that other people would also want to know and if it's for someone that I know comes back. When I'm not overwhelmed, I post a response to everyone who commented and I link back to their blog... they're bound to pop back over when they see the click-thru. I may just pop over to their blog and comment on something then say "btw - I answered your question on (linked) post on my blog"

If I comment on someone's blog and I genuinely am curious as to a response then I flag it in my Google Reader then go back later and see if the author replied.

But honestly, I hate it when I ask a question on someone's blog then they comment on mine without referencing their blog or the reason for their reply. People reading my comments are like "Where did THAT come from?"
I usually don't respond within my own comments section unless it's something I think someone else who hasn't commented will want to know because most people don't go back and revisit a blog post they've already read just to see if their question was answered. Does that make sense?

If someone asks a question, and it's a "real" question, I usually go to their blog and respond on one of their posts right away. I rarely, if ever, email a blogger unless they ask me to. Email is a little more personal.
I always return comments via email, because I would hate for a commenter to miss that I did respond.

To me it seems more personal and I have built up a few neat friendships with "lurkers" based on one email to them in return.
I do the same thing...I don't know if there is a "rule" on responding to comments...I get both also, so I think it's a personal thing...although it seems I see more response on comments when I'm browsing.
I respond in my comment section. Most blogs have a feature where people can subscribe to comments so they'll know when you've responded.
I try to respond within the comments section - or by e-mail if it's something personal or too involved. I don't respond to as many of them as I wish I could though - I need to get better about doing that.
It really depends on their comment. I might respond on my post if they misunderstood something. If someone wants information or I feel I need to give them a personal response, I try to email them. Otherwise I comment on one of their posts.
I never thought to e-mail any of my readers to answer or comment back to them..that's a great idea! Thanks for all the great responses!
I always check my comments and always answer back. I think it lets those that stop by know you care about their thoughts also. And sometimes those comments back and forth are so funny that is make for a great behind the scenes blog
No, if I know them or they asked a questions I try to email them.
I will reply in my comments to someone. I also try and respond to them via email if I can. I also try and visit their blogs as well to leave comments....I know how excited *I* get to get any comments so I like to return the favor. =)
Actually for me, I do both. I address it in my comment section because I feel if others add, sometimes it could be the beginning of a whole other conversation. Also, I wouldn't want a new visitor to think that I will not respond to their comments. I leave a little note, then head over to their blog. If we are doing the same meme and they comment on mine I respond to their comment on mine, adding that I am coming over to see their's.

As for checking on comments left. If I leave a comment I usually do check back to see if they answered based on what we are discussing. If it is a simple, "I agree with you" comment I pretty much leave it at that. It is all based on what we are discussing.


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