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Do you respond to your readers' comments in the comment section of your blog?

I was just if someone leaves you a comment in one of your posts on your blog, do you usually respond to them in that same comment section of your own blog? Or do you visit their blog and respond to them there?

I often wonder if people come back and read to see if there are responses to their comments. Sometimes I post comments back in my own blog but I don't know if the people commenting even check back!

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I try to but since i use blogger, it's hard to do so, and following them to reciprocate can be tough too. I'm looking for another way to handle comments but so far i haven't found a plug-in that works with blogger. Maybe i should look harder though.
I usually respond both in email and in the comments section of the post, unless it's personal then I just email them.
I usually blog in the same post. I know some do also and I tend to go back to the comments that I have left just to see.
If I have thier email addy's I will respond this way, but I have responded both on thier blog as well as my own. Espeically if they went out of their way to ask me something, I want to make sure to answer them


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