How long did it take for you to get to 100 visits per day?

I am a new blogger and am curious - how long did it take? Did you do anything special?

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The only time I get hit 100 hits a day is when one of my food photos is accepted to or But mostly it's between 30-50 per day. And it takes a lot of work visiting all the blogs here but it is so worth when you meet new friends and discover new wonderful blogs to read.
I joined social networks and made sure that I started concentrating on quality posts rather than quantity. With raising 5 kids and homeschooling I don't get to post as regular as I would like so I make sure it's good quality. The amount of visitors I get fluctuate daily.
You are truly Amazing - Grace!
Amazing_Grace said:
It took me 19 days! LOL! I'm shocked!
Oh, totally not there! My blog isn't that exciting; just my life.
I've been blogging since Nov 2007 and I have 3 blogs. The two of my blogs mostly get 100 visitor per days. I don't know remember how long I try for that. But what I can say it is not easy :D I do photography meme...that's why I got so many visitors ^_^.

I do also Entercard
A month and a half- Join twitter and comment on other blogs!
it didn't take long with my beauty blog. with my mommy blog I had higher visitors on blogspot. I'm trying to get back to where I was but I think it's hard, maybe the summer, people are busy, kids out of school vacation...

anyway, if you want for sure traffic join entrecard, then drop on all the women type blogs. Many will reciprocate (which means you get a visit and a point). It also helps to do memes, like wordless wednesday, thursday thirteen, you create the posts, then you go to the home of the meme and leave your link, then you visit other people and leave your link in the comments.

Hope that helps...
Not there yet... I slacked a LOT in blogging the past few months but now I'm back! I have to check out Entrecard ;)
Nothing happened as far as visitors to my blog until a week ago....and it's 1300 + people already....must be doing something right, and am super excited about it. I joined MBC, twitter, stumbleupon, technorati, Mom Blog Network, The Motherhood, Mommy Bar, Mommy Ranks, Scoutle, Plurk - don't understand that one yet! I've visited lots of blogs, and participated in lots of posting in these Social Networks.
When I first moved my blog to Wordpress, it only took me a few days to reach 100 visits. With in a couple weeks, I had over a 1000 hits. I'm not really sure how or why, but I am hosting my first giveaway to celebrate. :-)

I listed my blog on a lot of blog directories. Many of my visitors come from MomBloggersClub. I also joined Twitter and StumbleUpon, but I'm not sure I am using them properly. I looked into Entrecard and wordpress prohibits it.

I also tag each post with common search topics.

I frequently visit other blogs and leave comments. Some bloggers have added me to their blog roll as well.

It took me just over a month, mainly because I hit a nerve with some women on an article I wrote. I'm doing very well with all my blog being the best at about 2000 visits a day now.

Keep a'll get there!
I'm sure it was a good many months.


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