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How do you work out the logistics of a group blog?

I am working with two other moms on a group blog. I'm just looking for tips to help us get organized in our approach to our posts. Do you alternate posts or post whenever anyone gets the urge? Are there many group mom blogs out there? Any advice would be great!

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What are you trying to do with your blog? Is it just a way to share stories? My blog is with another mom and is part of our business, so we send out a newsletter once a week and we alternate each week who writes.

I think you should establish what the goal is of the blog. If it is a blog-as-you-will whenever you have something to share, make sure everyone feels like they are being heard or that everyone is pulling their weight.

It doesn't really matter how you do it, just establish at the start whether it is on a schedule or if someone is expected to post at a certain point, so no one is surprised or disappointed.
Hey Deb,

Our blog is an example of 7 moms working together. Take a look for ideas and feel free to ask questions.

Hi Lexie,
Thanks for the advice...some of it I wish I had months ago!
Hi Tracy,

I love how you have organized your blog. It's clean and clear on the page. It looks like you've stuck to certain categories, does each other cover a 'beat' or do you all submit to a topic when it's appropriate.

I also like you separate columns, on our blog it is hard to know who is writing. Did you design this style yourself?

We're at Mombshells and we are still working on the details. I would love any advice.

Thanks, Deb


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