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How did you come up with your blog name? I've been in blog re-construction mode and trying to think of a better name for my blog that best defines me and what I want to say. What inspired the names of your blog?

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when i was stressing about my son's most recent ailment i was thinking to myself "this kid has made me completely neurotic!". so i thought, this must be how all new moms feel. and so was born The Neurotic Mom!
My kids call me Mommay for some reason and it's always Mayhem here! lol
Good question!

I wanted something catchy and silly but also that reminded me of home and family.

When I was little, my family always said the line from the nursery rhyme To Market, when we got home. "Home again, home again, Jiggety Jigg". I taught it to my boys and now they say it along with me whenever we get home from somewhere. I love it!

So when I was looking for a title...that line popped into my head...and it was perfect!
Well, let me first start out by saying that I wish I had chosen a different name.

When I started my blog, I thought I would be using it to market my custom digital design business. But when I started posting, I wound up blogging about humorous things about my life. Then I closed my business but decided to keep my blog name simply because by that time, I had some loyal followers and I didn't want to chance confusing anyone.

But I had a great list of potential blog names and oh, how I wish I had chosen one of them! I don't think my blog name really indicates what my blog is about.

But it is what it is, and it's too late to change it now!

The Creative Junkie
Easy enough, I never wear shoes, and I eat all the time:)

I was originally planning on mostly blogging about food...until I realized how boring it was, and started blogging about life, and before knew it, I was too far branded to change. So I am owning it and embracing it.
When we found out we were expecting our 2nd set of twins, my first thought was "God must have a sense of humor". After having gone through IVF to conceive our 1st set of twins, we were absolutely shocked to have conceived another set of twins spontaneously (and we weren't even trying!). I fumbled my way through the 1st set of twins and here I was about to go through it again....and that's how I came up with the title to my blog, "I'm Living Proof that God Has a Sense of Humor".
I just recently changed my blog's name after I saw my baby girl trying to walk around in my shoes. It made me realize how much she looks to me & mimics what I do. That was an eye-opening realization; I knew that I would be teaching her when she was older (as far as being a lady, responsible citizen, etc), but as a new mommy, I didn't realize those lessons would start so early.

I changed the title to remind myself of that "mommy epiphany."
It's kind of a tongue in cheek thing. At the time I was getting a lot of comments from family, hairdressers, etc. that they would be so bored if they were a sahm like me. So because of that--and because I love my dogs--I named my blog Home of the Lazy Dog.
One of the reasons I chose "frogs" in my formula is that when my son used to jump in his doorway jumper he looked like a graceful frog. But now that he is one and has outgrown the doorway jumper and no longer drinks formula my blog name is outdated. What do you think: "Cows in my veggie burgers"? Oops, that's a bit of an oxymoron.
Wow. I could have been the neurotic mom too. But anyhow, I liked the song "the Boondocks" by a country band and I like to ramble. I live in the "boondocks" which means, rural area. I'm hoping enough people know this, or would like to know what the heck it is to check it out. I had a column for our local paper called "random thoughts," but of course this title was pretty generic. So I just decided to combine the song with the term "ramblings" and it took off from there."> came from there.
When I became a mother, it sparked my creativity. Maternal Spark was born, it was that simple :)
The goal of my blog was to unite the seemingly disparate sections of my life - mom, PR consultant and musician. I'm pulled in different directions and my brain feels like a blender sometimes... so Bev's Blender Brain Blog seemed to fit perfectly!


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