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Do you find it makes any difference in traffic if you post something new in the morning or in the evening? Do you schedule your blogs to go out at a certain time? Or do you just post whenever the spirit moves you?

Right now, I am generally posting when I have time...but I wondered if anyone has noticed any patterns in traffic/comments when they post AM or PM!

So what say you!? Does timing mean anything?

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I post whenever I get a chance! If I write posts in advance and schedule them...I usually schedule them for 8am on the day I want them up. =)
I'm not too sure if timing of the post matters...I post at midnight each night.....if I get my post done earlier i just post date it!

Good question...where are all of the bloggy experts??

I've analyzed stats on this and I found that, for me, morning around 4 or 5 is best. I also don't post much on the weekends because the traffic goes way down.
I mostly post whenever I have a free moment.... I haven't noticed any patterns though.
I don't have a time or day to post on my blogs. In my 2 blogs, i post everyday :D without time...just when i have a chance for blogging
I try to post mine in the morning, but Stacy does hers at night once everyone's gone to bed. I'm not sure about other traffic, but I know our Mom checks it every morning.
I almost always start writing about 9:30 or 10:00, get distracted, go back to writing, and finally end up posting about midnight, then I go to bed!!
most times I post late at night and because I'm in the west - it's as good as posting the morning of the next day. Often I don't have a choice and I just do it when i can find the time.
I post in the mornings. I know that I like to read blogs in the mornings with a cup of tea. It has replaced reading the morning newspaper!
Each time I post, I schedule it to go public at 3:00 am eastern time. It's just a habit I got into.

But I don't really notice any peak performance time for my blog readers - it's kind of all over the place.

The Creative Junkie
Hey Jenni, at the moment I post when ever I have a break from the day to day schedule. It is not possible for me to get on at the same time daily to write one, maybe once school starts back up, but if not, no biggie to me
I post whenever I find the time. I feel like some mornings I must at least send a "shout out" to everyone, especially if it is going to be a long crazy day and I won't have time to post a full thought.


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