Do you find it makes any difference in traffic if you post something new in the morning or in the evening? Do you schedule your blogs to go out at a certain time? Or do you just post whenever the spirit moves you?

Right now, I am generally posting when I have time...but I wondered if anyone has noticed any patterns in traffic/comments when they post AM or PM!

So what say you!? Does timing mean anything?

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I set my alarm for 6am, Monday thru Friday, and post until the kids wake up (8ish).
After we complete our home school activities, I go back to the laptop and work on
administrative tasks until it's time to prepare supper.

If I have a lot of fresh posts floating in my head, I will wake up at 4am and just write, write, write.
I schedule my best posts on my high traffic days, and the rest goes in between.
I post in the morning. Write at night- look at it with some new eyes then post:)
I technically write the post in the evening and schedule it for like 5am my time (Eastern). I guess I'm figuring people start getting on their computers then. Of course, I don't roll my lazy ass out of bed until 9:30, and by then i already have comments so it's like Christmas!!!!!
I write all day long here and there, then set up my posts to show up just after midnight. Unless i'm still up and then they post when i'm done. I don't pay attention to the trends, that's just easiest for me. On days when i post twice I usually post early afternoon.
This is interesting. I've noticed that whenever a post gets posted in the AM, I get more readers ( I guess coz they're awake?) but this also strikes me as odd. My readership dips low during the weekends. It never fails.
Well Jenni, the new Guru on when to post and what works for timing and traffic queen....

I agree with the weekends thing, no one is around to read...
And all knowing Jenni, what is a ping anyway?

I used to think I needed my post up by Eastern time 6AM, for the early mom bloggers. But lately I post late at night, and turns out there's nearly always someone still up to see it and even comment on it?

So, I don't know that it matters. If you write it well...they will come...or something like that?
Well, look at you, miss Sassy Jenni! On the FRONT PAGE! :)

I post whenever I can get on the computer. Usually first thing in the morning, if I have something to say, or in the evening, after the events of the day.

But, if I'm doing something and something happens that inspires a blog, I'll get to the computer and blog it.

I usually catch up on my blog list in the morning, when the girls are happy and will leave me alone for a few minutes.
I read that Thursday mornings are the peak times to post to get readers to your site. No clue why, but many of the techies I know swear by this!
I try to post by 6:30- 7:00 am central time. It's my most alert time for my brain!
I post whenever but most of the time it's at night. I'm on Eastern time. I hardly ever post in the mornings. Wonder if I should try to schedule for that time?? I may give it a go and check my traffic stats.




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