How many posts a week should you do to keep readers coming back?

I have a favorite blog that I read-to me reading a good blog is like reading a chapter in a book. The only thing is, lately, I feel that she doesn't post that much and I've even started to forget to check for new posts. How many times do you post to keep your readers interested? Is it asking too much for at least 4 to 5 posts a week?

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I try to post every second day or's hard sometimes!
I try to post at least 5 times a week. if I miss more than one day in a row I start getting e-mails from people wanting to know what happened! lol

I guess thats better than hate-mail. lol
I post everyday, but that's what I need to do. Today was an exception...3 posts!

I talk way too much!
I post on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

My goal is to post at least once on the weekends, but so far, I have had no time. I'm hoping that once the kids are back in school, it will be easier.

The Creative Junkie
I would say about 4 times a week. Anymore than that, and I feel like I am just posting to post, so I would rather have stellar content over quantity.

It's also a really busy time though, end of summer/ back to school, so maybe the blog will pick up once that settles down.
I know what you mean! I have a fav blog or two, and sometimes it's not so fun when they stop posting for a long time. One in particular, without naming names of course that I really liked when I first started, hasn't posted for a I keep checking, but, it's nicer to get that new read in every once and a while.

I post almost every day - to a few times a day because my blog is so new, and because I may have to go a few days here and there without any posts with it being summer, and all.
I try to post once a day but it is usually a couple but if I have free time I will write the post and schedule it to post on another day. That helps.
It all depends on the purpose and audience of the blog. I have three blogs and I post differently for each. My personal one about the kids I post as something noteworthy happens, I have a funny story or when I get good pictures. It usually happens in clusters, sometimes several a week, sometimes a week gets skipped. My blog about going back to school just started. I've posted everyday in the beginning but my classes will only be once a week so there won't be much to talk about the rest of the week. I'll try to post once a week. ( My parenting advice blog reads more like articles in a magazine. It's topical and not personal so each post needs to be researched, drafted, edited and polished. Therefore I can only do about two or three a week. (

I don't think there's a set formula. If you write too much they can get boring and redundant. If you write too infrequently you will lose some of your skill and your audience. But above all, enjoy it and you will find a good balance.

I saw several of you mention "checking for new posts". If you use a feed reader you won't have to check. Any new posts will come to you. I just wrote a post about web feeds and feed readers on
I try and post a new article once/day.
I try to post at least 3-5 times a week. Sometimes I'll post more, other weeks I may only have one post.

My intention is to post things that my readers would enjoy, not just random musings (I've been twittering for that), so there may be a couple days where I just don't have anything significant to share. If I'm in the midst of a serious spell of writer's block, then I'll invite guest writers to post to my blog so that it continues to provide some content.

I agree - it's important to maintain a consistent presence on your blog, or your readership might fade away.
I usually post every day but Sunday -- this week, I did have a couple of days with multiple posts (I was having technical difficulty and needed help). I enjoy writing every day AND I enjoy reading blogs that post every day.

I also second setting up a feeder (even though that was one of my recent difficulties!); My "reading" life has been much easer since I've subscribed to various blogs.
I'm typically a Mon/Wed/Fri kinda girl, mainly because I don't want my blog to get boring - I try for quality over quantity. That is, if you consider bragging that my boobs are bigger than Dooce's "quality".




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