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Well, it's that time again: Back to school! Kids are dreading it, some moms are looking forward to a little peace and quiet during the day, and some are lamenting the soon-to-arrive early morning struggles, piles and piles of homework, and afterschool activities.

Have you blogged about back to school?

Share your posts.

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Back to school could not have come soon enough for me! This was the first summer my husband and I agreed to keep the kids home with me while I worked. (Uh...I think I might of been shafted on that one...b'cuz he got to leave for work every morning and get a "break.") Overall, it was a good summer and I don't regret spending more time with the kids and less time working. At the same time, I'm glad it's over and happy to be back into a the school daze routine.

Here's my post:


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