You leave a comment but the author doesn't give a hoot, do you visit that blog again?

I have visited a lot of blogs, left comments in good faith but never got a hi or a ho. It's kind of sad. I felt unappreciated. I came back 2x on others, the others I just never visited again. Is this right?

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Lori said:
Well, being a mom of 3 boys, running 4 blogs, contributing to 2 other websites, and running a ranch...I don't have time to respond to comments unfortunately. I always try to write a post telling all my readers how much I appreciate them, etc. It's the best that I can do for now.

I'd hate to think that you would never visit that site again at all because of that. You have no clue what they may be going through in their own personal day........

That's how I feel. Sometimes I have time to comment back other times I don't. I used to spend way too much time online. So when I realized how much of my life was on the computer and not on my family I backed away. I wish I always had time to comment back, but sadly I don't. But in return I know when I have time and blog surf I've left comments and have never been acknowledged back by more than I can count. It doesn't bug me.
Oh, and I meant to say. I read every single comment as well, even if I don't always respond.
I try to follow up every comment that is left; I enjoy it. But, I don't get just a ton of comments, so it's easy for me to do. I can understand how someone who is busier than me (both in life and in the blog world) would not be able to return every comment.
Hi everyone, for some odd reason, I just realized today that misposted this on the giveaway section - oh bummer! I hope no one strangle me for this. Blame it on my brain being fried! Oopsy daisy- sorry...Love all your responses though. Love it love it!!!!
Mutha Mae said:
Oh and as far as checking out the blogs of people who leave comments, I need to get better about that, too.

Altho I have to say that I've been told a way to increase traffic is to leave comments on the popular blogs. It just seems insincere to me. Leaving a comment in a blog just to get traffic to mine? Maybe some of the more popular bloggers have figured this out and think people are just fishing for readers?

I read a few larger blogs, but I read them not because of social networking or to get anything out of it other than for my own information / entertainment. Sometimes I'll post a comment (along with dozens of others), just to self-express. And sometimes I will visit other commenters' blogs just because they said something interesting... Commenting with a big group can be fun because then there's an additional entertainment value of seeing what a lot of other people have to say about whatever topic or question was posted.

My comments vary based on the original post -- sometimes I'll have a story or analysis to share, other times it's just a very generic comment, like "great post!" or "your kids are so cute!" I don't expect much traffic out of my comments, but I just like commenting on some of my favorites just because.

My children's books blog
It depends, if you're genuinely interested in the blog then you should keep reading. If not, there are millions of blogs to choose from and connect with. I always respond to a commenter either through my own comment section or visiting their site but that's only because I get around 10 comments per post. If I got 100 there's no way I'd be able to do that!
I know this is going to sound naive, but I only recently realized that sometimes people comment on blogs specifically to gain traffic to their own sites - the only reason I found that out is because it was discussed on another blogger board I belong to. I was actually surprised!

I've never left a comment, thinking it would gain me traffic from other commenters. I thought at the most the blog owner might check me out to see who I was but it just didn't occur to me that other commenters would do the same, because it never occurred to me to click on other commenter names for that purpose. You learn something new everyday!

Anyway, getting to your question ... I also never left a comment thinking the blog owner would respond to it. Once I leave a comment, I don't check their comments again. It never occurred to me that they would respond. So it wouldn't bother me at all if they don't respond, since I wouldn't be aware of it anyway!

I comment on blogs because I liked that particular post or because it's a blog I routinely visit or because it's a blog that appears before mine in a blog train thread.

Now I'm wondering if people won't comment on mine because I didn't respond to their comments. To be honest, I just wouldn't have the time. Now I'm going to worry that it's reflecting poorly on my blogging ettiquette!

I say continue visiting the sites that you enjoy. Sometimes life does get in the way and that author may not be able to respond to your comments. I appreciate the comments that others leave on my page and I enjoy commenting back on thier pages as well. I can understand your disapointment though with others not commenting back as it is fun, and I feel it is a good way to get to know people.
I usually try to visit everyone who comments, but I know I miss some sometimes. I don't always get to spend time on the computer in the evenings. I also don't necessarily expect a return visit when I leave a comment for someone else, although I definitely appreciate it when they do stop by :).

Sometimes if they asked a question I'll respond in my own comments section, but I don't know if they'll come back to see it or not. As for posting frequently, if I have some time and I know I may not have time later in the week, I sometimes schedule posts for a few days in advance. I'm a nerd like that, LOL. So it might look like I'm around even if I'm not. Maybe I should stop doing that so people don't think I had time to post but not time to respond to them?

To answer your question, I'd keep reading if you like their content. That's really what brings me back to blogs over and over again, or I just add them to my google reader.
I visit and read blogs for content...I totally understand when someone doesn't respond to my comment every, it's just not always easy. If I get a few newbies to my site and then comment a few times, i try and touch base. I have my comments moderated in hopes that if someone wants to communicate they'll have their email enabled and i'll write back right then.

I try and hit a handfull of commenters a day back with some love. Don't give up on a blogger for it though.
Because I'm a blogger myself, I understand that we don't always have time to comment on every other blog we visit, or even visit the blogs of every commenter. I try my best to do this, but it isn't always possible. I don't base whether I visit another blog on whether they've visited mine.
I guess I wouldn't expect to necessarily get a comment back. It's great when you do, but people are busy, and sometimes it's all they can do to get a post up.

Are you leaving comments that may require a response? Because if you are, like asking a question or the like, then yeah, I think it is kinda rude not to be acknowledged. But, sometimes it's hard to respond to general comments like, "great post." You know what I am saying?

I try and respond to every comment on my blog, but if I don't keep upon it, and all of a sudden 50-60 comments add up, there is no way I can sit down with two toddlers running around and answer them. That just happened, and I feel horrible about it. I try and get in there and respond after every 20 or so, and even that is hard to find time to do.

That being said, I try and visit EVERY blog that comments tome, and I try and post a comment to every one of them. I also moderate my comments purely for the purpose of reading every single on of them.


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