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2019’s Safest Cars for Young Families

Your family is everything. So, it makes sense that you prioritize safety when you’re in the market for a new car. Sure, your old beater…

Five Ways to Avoid the Health Risks of Being Too Busy

A life of complete calm and organization is a myth. For most, the daily chaos of life becomes routine and manageable. But when does busy become too busy? And when does too busy start affecting your overall health? To help you assess if you are overextending yourself, the health experts at Envolve,…


Make great photos even better with PicMonkey

I am a new blogger...and totally clueless and lost.  I need people to follow me, to show that my blog is viable...I am a product tester/reviewer/blogger and freelance writer....I would love more companies to be aware of me, be willing to send me their product for me to review and blog about, and not think i am just a beggar or a flake, ya know?  I can no longer work due to an injury/misdiagnosis/malpractice from a former doctor, so I am basically a stay at home mom, would love to be a wahm but i dont trust most companies as they ask for money for startup, etc...and i have been burned way too often...so i was figuring that maybe this blog could turn into something lucrative eventually.  I also need help as to how do i add companies to my page...you know link them so that people can click on it and link back to the company's page....i am so lost it isnt even funny....if anyone can help me please write me privately i need all the help i can get


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