I have read other bloggers post about how they hate their hubby and their marriage and their lives with them. Made me wonder if the husbands ever read their blogs. Mine does. Not that I have anything to hide but since he's reading it, I'm a little uhm you know cautious especially when I'm talking about him! Unless of course I want to start WW IV :)

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I have no idea if he reads mine or not. I've never asked him & he's never said anything. I'm not entirely sure he even knows the name of it. It's one of those private yet not things.
Mine does! I was surprised, but he reads it every day!
Mine does. I started mine secretly, but once I felt confident in my writing skills (about 2 months later), I told him about it. Now not only does he read, but all his co-workers and friends read my blog too! Once in awhile he complains about something I've written (usually when he thinks I've "stretched the truth"), but all in all, he's pretty proud of it.
yeap...he reads most of them and he corrects my terrible if you read my post before the corrections are made...sorry...haha :)
Nope, my hubby doesn't read it. Unless I show it to him and make him read some specific post. Not that I would mind if he did or would ever post anything I wouldn't want him to read. My family does and his family does. He's not too interested in it though.
I'm very surprised at how many husbands don't read our blogs! I have to admit, I'm happy I'm in good company. I was wondering if mine was the only one. It just struck me as odd ... I mean, if my husband had a blog, I'd be reading it everyday!

Occasionally he reads it. Though I am careful about what I say sometimes because I know that friends of his at work read my blog and I want to be considerate of his feelings too. And, honestly, after 10 years of marriage, I can't say that there is really anything "bad" I would post about him (read on

I too have seen other posts with "detailed" marriage issues, info on them & while I am all for "freedom for bloggers" I think posting topics like that could harm your marriage instead of heal it. I read in the Washington Post last year about a mom who gave a little TMI on her blog and it ended up in divorce. Apparently she was blogging about intimate details of her marriage, including fights, sexual issues, etc. So, I guess the blogger "should beware."
Yes, my hubby like to read my blogs sometimes when he has time for that :D
I started blogging in July. So far my The hubs doesn't read my blog. I haven't written anything offensive as of yet because, as you said, I don't want to start an all out WAR. I also have not invited him to read it. Don't know if he has maybe gone through the history and found it on there, but I just don't want to invite too many people that I might talk about occasionally to read what I write and get offended. I don't want to watch my tongue so to say so I just don't share it with him. I love blogging and if I feel that I have to sensor myself too much, it may not be as fun.
Ah, I've been blogging since 2006 and the hubby has probably only read a handful of posts. I tease him about it all the time. There's probably people on the internet who know more about me than the hubby does now!
Oh my word, this very thing is such a contention between my husband and me. I share a lot of personal stuff on my blog, usually because I don't share it with my crazy family and don't always have a chance to talk on the phone with friends, so I have to tell someone, and the blog is therefore a very personal thing that I just happen to share with complete strangers.

Needless to say, my husband has pretty much been banned from the blog. When I started it, he had to help me with some of the technical stuff, so he obviously knew about it. I should have known he would want to be all nosy and reading it all the time. He started getting really immature about stuff on the blog that was totally all in good fun, and oh, if he didn't see a situation the way I had blogged about, he would all out call me a liar.

The "liar" incident happened after I had already banned him from reading it because he would nit pick things I had written, so when I caught him reading it again, I was absolutely furious!!!! I told him I would seriously beat the crap out of him if he ever came near the blog again. This whole situation with us and the blog has really become one of the top five things he's ever done to make me so angry I could punch a hole in the wall!!

But I sure am glad that there are those of you out there who have had wonderful experiences with husbands and blogging....
Yes, my hubby does read my blog and he loves it! He finds it amusing and loves to see me do something I'm passionate about.:)


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