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Can someone tell me how to do it all? do I do the laundry, feed my family, entertain the kids, work, keep the house clean, feed the pets, feed myself?????, enjoy the summer, work (oh did I say that already?), make sure presents are purchased and wrapped for various b day parties, organize our house....oh you know that list could go on for hours. How do we ladies find the time? I usually am good for a couple weeks and the I slowly start to melt down when the house starts getting a little dirty, laundry starts to accumulate, etc. Then I freak out.....there is just no enough hours in the day!!!

Then when I do get a breal from the kids for a day (when they go to Grandma & Grandpa's) I really freak out because I have so much to do and I don't know where to start.

I guess I just need to stop and breathe and be happy for everything that I have the be stressed out over.


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I understand I'm with you and I wonder the same thing.
It is all about time management!
Nothing to freak about...I have a family of six...we all clean our own bedrooms...well I clean hubby's and mine (hubby works full-time)..then we all have a chore daughter helps the little ones keep up with their room, she cleans her bathroom and vacuums the oldest son keeps the den cleaned, upstairs hallway and his bathroom, I keep the kitchen clean and the screened porch and my hubby keeps the office/dining room there house is clean...laundry different are supposed to do their own laundry...and I do the rest sometimes hubby helps...but it tends to pile up...heck as long as everyone has something to wear I don't freak out! LOL! I also don't worry to much about parties..If I don't get a gift they get cash...Sometimes the chore list works sometimes it does not...If my house is not perfect and chores are not getting done it's ok..I have four kids, it will never be spotless..spending time with my family is more important then if the TV is dusty! Funny I just wrote a post kinda like this today... :)
It's tough, but somehow you just figure out a way to do it all. I've started to have my 5 & 3 year olds help with small chores (like keeping their rooms picked-up & setting the table for dinner). But I do fall behind on the dreaded laundry and cleaning...I guess that's just the way motherhood goes! LOL
I understand exactly. Lately I hear myself saying (to myself) "I need a break from my life." There's simply too much to do. Breathing is good! LOL. Also, light a nice candle and lie down and listen to the silence for a few minutes (if you can get some silence). It really does help. Or try whiskey/wine/run/tequila. Sometimes that helps too! hehehe
That's funny because lately I have been saying...."I quit" LOL! It's been getting better. I know I need better time management. But I feel like I don't even have the time to do that..HA HA! I have a better state of mind today. I guess I can only take it one day at a time. Maybe we need a 12 step program for mommies..... :)

Our house is sanitary, but it's rarely clean. The bathrooms and kitchen are top priority and everything else is cluttered and crazy.
2 things

1. a routine I stick with religiously
2. lowered expectations
If nothing else, I make sure my work pays for someone to clean my house. It's about priorities, and I don't care for cleaning, but love a clean house, so if I'm going to keep working, someone else is going to do those jobs I don't like and don't have time for. :)

I also schedule, schedule, schedule. I'm not a very organized person, but when it comes to my time I have to be diligent or nothing gets done. I have certain times for billable working hours, certain times for research, learning and networking, and then I make sure the other times are spent with my family. Playing with my kids, organizing meals, doing house maintenance, etc.
Man can I relate!. I am in the middle of my meltdown now!! RIGHT NOW! My daughter is 2 (will be 3 in Nov.) and is having horrific temper-tantrums and son who is 11 1/2 months is into everything and I know he's suppose to be and I blink and the hours are literally gone! It is just me at the moment because my hubby is deployed and my parents and in-laws for that matter live 6 hours away, so by the time I get school, pick up from school, lunch, clean up from lunch, nap time, fighting before nap time, start some laundry, pick up, kids wake up, some kind of activity, dinner, clean up dinner, kids bath time/night time routine, kids to bed. I still have bathrooms to clean, vacuuming, dusting, feeding the dog, clean the fish tank, laundry to fold or rewash due to the fact I forgot it, and take a shower myself.

I keep telling my self to breath and enjoy what I have also and I truly do on most days.....NOT THIS WEEK though. Monday is a new week and I'll start fresh then hopefully. Let me know if you find any tips to help out also!!
Hi Suzie..... YES, I feel the same way. I have 3 at home w/me, my oldest just started preschool -THANK GOODNESS! because I am going insane... I CAN NOT DO IT ALL.....and I feel like -- like you said, I start to melt down after a couple of "good weeks" ...... every 6 wks or so, I get into a rut..... (I am in one now) .... I go from saying "I cant do it all" to , "I feel like I am living the movie groundhog day!" ..... Its just the same old thing every day... YES, I LOVE staying home, and YES I LOVE my kids, and I LOVE My wonderful husband....but I am drained. sooo very drained. and I miss ME. Where the hell did I go?
It's hard to say it but we just can't do it all. That made my life so much easier when I told myself that every time I started to stress. Still, I about died from happiness when hubby told me that maybe we should invest in a maid service. Yup.


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