I had a friend recently tell me about payperpost and share that someone she knows is making good money from it.
What do you think about websites like that? I'm scared to even consider getting involved with something like that.
Is it better to sell ad space and stick to the reviews I want to do?

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There are moms here who write paid reviews for the Mom Bloggers Club. We offer review opps on the job board.

You're right. Some bloggers don't like to do these types of reviews, but if you can review sites that fit organically within your blog and you have a disclosure policy, these types of reviews can be a nice source of income.

I only accept clients that are mom-friendly and that moms can easily fit into the theme of their blog, so no drug rehab site reviews or sites that have nothing to do with moms are offered to MBC members.
I have steered clear of PPP type things because I have such a narrow focus to my blog...for that reason I'm doing better selling ad space. And personally, I don't really enjoy reading paid posts because often I find it like reading a blatant ad. Some writers do an amazing job at them and more power to 'em but it isn't for me.
Of course if the right opportunity came along I might consider changing my tune but for now, I am sticking with my plan.

Also, keep in mind that google might drop your page rank if you do ppp - that may or may not be a factor for you.
I don't like payperpost but I have done targeted paid reviews,
i am involve in Socialspark it's new and it's good it helps a lot now a days c: They pay for what you think about their new products etc.
I have never done it,but I also don't read blogs who do, simply because it's just like reading an ad, and that is boring and not what I am looking for.

I know lots of bloggers use it, google it and see what other people are saying about it. Does it depend on traffic? Do you have a choice about products? Are there content restrictions?

However, I would go the ad route. Hands down.
You can work with PPP and Social Spark and still stick to the ads you want to do. You choose from the opportunities that are provide to you. If none fit your blog or what you want to write about you don't need to do them.

There are companies that you don't have that choice but most often they have you write using contextual links, which means you write about whatever you want as long as you fit in the word or words they ask you to.

It's a good source of income for some and if written well it can be difficult to tell what are paid posts and what aren't.
I do PPP, SocialSpark , MBC and Smorty and I have one philosophy about it. I will not ever post something i don't agree with. If the job requires saying something postive about something i find to be bad, harnful, etc......i won't post it.

I try to make those posts as interesting as possible and i relate them to my life so that they aren't so blatant. I try anyway. I wish I could say I could afford to avoid them and the money making opportu nities they offer but i can't. I'm a single mom, putting 2 kids through college and 2 more in school. Every bit extra i can make is helpful.

It hurts my feelings a teeny bit that people would avoid my blog because i'm trying to provide for my kids, but i understand too. Everyone has preferences and that's perfectly okay.
This is something that we debate internally as well.

It can't be ignored that blogging is the primary income for many and free reviews don't pay the rent. For some of you with PR4+ websites, you have some very powerful ad space.

Personally, I prefer a clear distinction between a product review/profile and paid advertising but the line does get blurred sometimes.

If anyone is looking to monetize their site and wants a completely objective review, let me know.
I'm not familiar with reviews and PPP and the like. I don't think I've ever seen a blog that does this?

Can anyone link me to a blog where the review is blatant and reads like an ad, as well as a blog where the review is so well written that it doesn't even seem like a review?

I'd love to see the difference ... I'm wondering how you can review something and have it not seem like an ad?

I don't know.... I was turned off by a beauty blog after I realized that a lot of the reviews were because of relationships with specific companies.... it's still a good blog, but I decided that I prefer blogs that are "real".... you know? If I want to read ads I'll look at a magazine. And I had zero interest in the brand that was promoted on a weekly basis.

Personally, I am only posting about things that our family has used and bought ourselves or borrowed. I don't like clutter and I don't want a bunch of free things... I want to make the purchase decisions for our family and then share what works for us when we find something wonderful.

I have a blog idea where I may sell advertising on my own someday, and I would approach advertisers individually and probably make an ad kit. And maybe do other ads like google. My books site links to the Amazon associate program, it will be interesting to see if anything comes of it. I just don't want the hassle of being contacted by publishers for review copies of books and there are plenty of other blogs that are in that space and doing a great job.

I should add that making money is not the primary goal of my blog. I blog about children's books because reading is important to my family, and something I value, and I hope that blogging about books is a nice way to nurture that interest and keep books as a high priority in our family. If I make a little money, it's going to be a nice bonus (and I'll probably spend it on more books!)

Here is the blog that I have stopped reading. It doesn't mean it's not a great blog -- it is, and it gets tons of traffic, etc. I think the write-ups are very good and the site is great. I don't know exactly how it works behind the scenes, but I would expect that the author gets tons of free product and possibly also some payments, some advertising contracts, and some.... what's the word.... swag.

The blog is very successful, and I'm sure it's a lot of hard work to run, but it doesn't fit for me what I'm looking for as a reader. And the author doesn't need my readership because she's getting 10's of thousands of visits a month. I'm not a big time beauty purchaser though, and I think the blog does provide a lot of value for women who do want to know about every latest beauty product, and beauty is a niche where there seems to be many bloggers, and where cosmetics companies have heavily used the blogosphere for product promotion.

I do love the site though, I think her writing is great and I like the design and layout and everything.... it's very well put-together.

Andrea Chamberlain said:
I'm not familiar with reviews and PPP and the like. I don't think I've ever seen a blog that does this?
Can anyone link me to a blog where the review is blatant and reads like an ad, as well as a blog where the review is so well written that it doesn't even seem like a review? I'd love to see the difference ... I'm wondering how you can review something and have it not seem like an ad?



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