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While searching the blogosphere I've found some beautiful, fancy, gorgeous blogs. Clean lines, nice pictures and, sometimes, lots of ads.
I've also found some blogs that have give-aways, sometimes everyday for a week!
There are so many worthy blogs out there. I know I shouldn't compare, but I do.
Have you spent money on your blog? Have you purchased a template, banner, etc.?
If so, has this increased your blog traffic?

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I just used blogger, and tweaked it to the best of my ability myself. My blog may not be as fancy as others - there are some gorgeous ones out there! But, I like it. Hope everyone else does too. I'm not willing to spend any money on it until I'm making some, if I ever do lol....
Funny you should ask, I am just now in the process of dishing out about $70 for a total blog re-design. Vhiel from http://www.designsbyvhiel.com/ is doing my blog design for me. I started the blog just as a way to bring writing back into my life after I quit my job as a journalist, but while I've landed a few writing gigs recently, I'm going to make the blog more of my professional writing site that also tells of the trials, tribulations and blessings of my life here in North Dakota.
I am re-launching the blog whenever the design is finished, with a re-launch celebration, including my first ever giveaway. But the wonderful and stylish ladies at http://www.planetmomtshirts.com/ graciously offered to donate them to my cause. I think I sent out emails to atleast 15 different mom geared companies to get someone to donate to my cause. They were the company I really wanted to hop on board, so I'm glad they did.
yes, I just dropped some coin having my blog redesigned check it our

Not here. I have two blogs (mommy blog and scrapbooking blog) a graphics forum and a Cafe Press store that I advertise all my sites on. If I spent any money on advertising or anything it would most likely be for one of my potential money making sites.




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