Do you try to keep your blog geared to a specific topic or theme?
Or do you just blog about whatever is on your mind that day?

I don't have any set criteria for my blog posts, but usually blog about parenting my 5 rough and dirty young folk on our family farm , good old stick to yer ribs country cooking, & getting back to a simpler, more self sufficient way of life.

what about you?

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My blog is really a diary of my life as a city girl here on the prairies of North Dakota, which comes complete with a three-year-old, a dog, a husband, an investigations business, and of course the occasional tumbleweed floating through. My faith is the most important part of my life, so on Thursdays I usually blog about that part of my life. I figure, if faith isn't important to you, then don't read on Thursdays, ever other day, stop on by and hang out for awhile.

Oh, and I should mention, it probably won't make it's appearance for another week or so, but I am in the process of implementing a new weekly feature - it's going to be great! Wow, for so long I've been a blogging slacker, but now I'm begining to feel like a blogging rockstar!!
I blog about whatever is on my mind. It is usually about my family - we are currently going through some seriously troubled times and it helps me vent!
My blog is all about mommy stuff, which I guess is considered a "grab bag" because us moms have a lot of things on our plate!
Both! But that's because I have two blogs. My main one is pretty much stream of consciousness. It has a spin-off, though, that focuses on kids and allergies and asthma. Its traffic is small but steady, and I keep doing it because I was frustrated with trying to find information -- recipes in particular -- when my son was first diagnosed. I'll occasionally do food allergy stuff on my main blog, but not often.
I started mine as a way to write down what my boys did, because it was hard to get to their journals as much as I wanted to, but it has turned into an anything goes type of blog and I like it that way.
I try to keep it about my girls, but I find it being more about a lot of different things.
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Mine is eclectic. There are certain themes you will see over and over, but not just one topic for the entire blog. It's my fun. I've read a lot about finding your niche, and if you're going to monetize or try to run your blog as a business, then finding your niche is important. It depends on what you want out of it, and there is no right way or wrong way to blog. Another thing I like about it!
I tend to use my blog to say whatever I feel I can't say in real life. So, it is a collect all for all sorts of thoughts. Since I don't really know anyone in the area I live, I use it as a replacement for coffee with the girls. But, not as giggly.
That's why I have two - one is a letter to my son, and the other is whatever else I'm thinking about. I wonder if I should amalgamate them.
I have many sites but the one I spend the most time on is my kids eat free website. It's mainly geared towards the obvious, kids eat free - restaurants that offer free kids meals and discounted kids meals but I have also generated posts on activities that are free or inexpensive as well as some product recommendations that is geared toward families.


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