Do you ever feel like your in school again fighting a popularity contest?

Have you ever been approached or confronted by another blogger for petty issues?

Does blogging ever feel like a competition to you?

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I didn't much care for high school, or the drama. And I don't really care how popular I am with other bloggers. I am more interested in meeting like minded moms and if that means I only make great relationships with 5 mom bloggers then that is just fine for me :)
Great answer!! I like this and strive for it too. It's like friendships you build in real get along with some and some you don't have things in common.

Maternal Spark said:
I didn't much care for high school, or the drama. And I don't really care how popular I am with other bloggers. I am more interested in meeting like minded moms and if that means I only make great relationships with 5 mom bloggers then that is just fine for me :)
When I first started in the public arena of blogging, yes, it felt a little like high school. I felt pressured to join every possible site, post every single day, lurk and comment on the big sites, etc.

Now, a few weeks later, I've finally relaxed and enjoy blogging again. I enjoy posting what and when I want & visiting the sites that I like. It's fun!
I am not sure if I am competitive or not or just desperate to connect! I have no idea how to connect in this world. I do find that it makes me feel good about myself when I get 'friends' but what does that even mean? I only know them by user name and avatar really.
I guess I feel like it is competitive in that I want to be successful and I don't mind saying I am envious of people who have a big following of funny, fun commenters...

I just try to focus on having fun with blogging...both writing them and reading them! And hopefully over time people will find me and like me. I have to be honest, I do hope to be liked! So I guess in that sense it is rather like high school for me (minus the Aquanet, and plus the stretch marks).

I have not any bad experiences with another blogger, and hopefully I won't!
Blogging never feels like a competition to me but sometimes it does feel like work! That's when I have to take a step back and remember why I'm blogging in the first place: to record the life of my family.
No. Thank goodness. I haven't done that much and everyone I've met has been nice. I have blogs that I look up to and that I maybe feel a little jealous that others have made awesome blogs while I'm new and still learning, but it's really admiration more than anything else. I do look at others' blogs for ideas on how to organize mine, etc. but I think that's "imitation is a form of flattery" and I don't outright copy anyone else's look, etc.
Great answers ladies, thanks for the input..and for the record, this is my lifeline during the day when my little one is occupied. I understand the need to feel connected, and of course feel liked, but hopefully never at the cost of my main goal of writing for me!

I'm glad I've never had petty issues, and certainly can't imagine ever having them. I do try to expand my readership, as there is some satisfaction from having a lot of various visitors from different places, but only for fun and not for the opportunity to "one up" anyone, etc. I do enjoy blogging and want it to always be a fun outlet.
I've never been directly approached by someone in a negative tone, but I have definitely felt the "spirit of competition". Of course, that doesn't surprise me much since I have a competitive personality. Don't worry...I compete with myself the most.
I've been guilty of being envious of others when I first started out, but I know that I am blessed beyond measure and that silliness was put to a halt almost as soon as it sprouted up.
Now, my hard work is just for me. I am enjoying the experience and meeting some great gals. I'm content with where I'm at on the totem pole and refuse to get catty with others in order to be higher up.
As I used to say working in childcare, "Save the drama for your mama". lol
I've seen a lot of competition, confrontation & petty stuff but none of has directly involved me. I do sometimes feel a bit of competition when people post about how many hits or what their blog rank is but then I remind myself why I am doing this. To journal, to entertain, to meet people and to make friends. This isn't for me about making money or being popular. It's about sharing things & connecting with others. You can't do that when you are competing
Not really. It is nice to know that people are reading my blog, but really I do it for myself for fun.


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