Do you ever feel like your in school again fighting a popularity contest?

Have you ever been approached or confronted by another blogger for petty issues?

Does blogging ever feel like a competition to you?

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I just feel frustrated that I have lots of visitors, but not a lot of comments. Even when I do lots of comments on other blogs to meet people. I tend to take that personally like, does my blog suck? I guess thats a "please like me" high school thing.
To me its a way to unwind, relieve stress and express myself. It is in no way competitive to me, though I do love to connect.
It reaslly doesn't feel like a competion yet. I blog because I enjoy it, I like seeing what others have to say and I leave the petty issues alone.
Sometimes I look at some bloggers and get a little Jellous (everything taste better with jello even a side order of envy!) Hey a lot of successful bloggers I know are hard workers- they work hard for their success!
No competition for me!
I've gotten a competitive vibe from a few others, but mostly the blogging community has been a fabulous way to connect for me and to motivate me to work toward my goals of writing. I wasn't even aware of PR until just recently - I'm too clueless to be competitive!
2nd that!

Maternal Spark said:
I didn't much care for high school, or the drama. And I don't really care how popular I am with other bloggers. I am more interested in meeting like minded moms and if that means I only make great relationships with 5 mom bloggers then that is just fine for me :)
Nah, I try to not let that stuff get to me, as much as I love and adore the people who come to my blog, and the comments I recieve, I blog for me first! Every thing else is icing on the cake
I blog so that I can share it with my girls when they are older. I am taking what I write and putting it in a book for them! I am so bad at forgetting the day to day and blogging helps me remeber it all! I live by the philosophy of not caring what others think of me or my blog!
Do you ever feel like your in school again fighting a popularity contest?
Heh. Yes. The mom blog world wasn't this way a few years ago. It used to be about sharing the experience. Then it shifted and you saw a lot of competition to get a book deal. Then it shifted to moms who wanted A list blog editor positions. Now it's shifted to moms who want to get into television. Those are highly competitive pursuits, so it's no wonder there's been some bitchiness and jealousy. The downside is watching really good bloggers forget what made them good to begin with- the stories, the content, connecting with their readers. I'm hoping the monetization and fame bubble bursts just a bit so we can get back to basics again. Women sharing stories with other women, plain and simple. Leave the ego and bitch factor behind, please!

Have you ever been approached or confronted by another blogger for petty issues?

I've had them "talk down" to me because I don't monetize. There's a sentiment that if you're not monetizing, you're blog isn't worth anything. That's not true. Many bloggers want to build content and audience first, then work on marketing once they know the value of what they are selling.

Does blogging ever feel like a competition to you?

Totally, because there are so many talented women who are blogging to launch careers or find new ways to provide income for their families. And you have a lot of women who want the spotlight. The women who want the spotlight often have audience members who also want the spotlight. That fuels the competitive vibe. It can also bring out the worst in a person. "But she's not very good, yet she gets all these opportunities! How come I'm not getting them!" Yeah, you find that all over the blog world, the mom blog world in particular. There's a lot of rewards for top bloggers now and many talented women want a piece of that action.
Do you ever feel like your in school again fighting a popularity contest?
I guess, because I'd like my blog to be a "popular" blog, that's it's reminiscent of high school mentality. But luckily, I'm a pretty grounded person so the fact that my blog isn't right up there with Pioneer Woman and Dooce doesn't crush me. Just gives me something to aspire to.

Have you ever been approached or confronted by another blogger for petty issues?
No, thank God. I avoid drama like the plague. I'm seriously allergic to it.

Does blogging ever feel like a competition to you?
No, not really. I know my blog depends solely on me and my ability to have good content and generate a lot of traffic. I think I'm OK with the former but I know I have to work on the latter. I know that whatever readers I have are mostly likely reading several other blogs as well. My success doesn't depend on anyone else other than me so I don't fee like I'm in competition with anybody else.

Competitive as in "I'm a smug blogging bitch and it won't be long before the New York Times calls me for an interview?" God, no. But do I feel a little thrill when people come to my blog and stay a while? Do I feel encouraged when people read my stuff and tell me they like it? Absolutely. Blogging's not for sissies; even if it's anonymous, it takes some bravery and guts.
In some ways it does feel like a popularity contest, but in other ways, not. We all want to be read, or why else would we blog? We like to be liked. We love comments.

But, I have a kinship with bloggy friends that doesn't compare to friendship with "real live" friends. It's something in the soul that makes you like that person, even if he or she is a different style of blogger. Thus, the competition doesn't come in to play.

I have never been approached by another blogger over something petty, and I hope to keep it that way. I love to blog. It's fun! And if it's ever not fun, then I will quit. I don't need drama or competition in my life. I just want to have fun.


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