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I'm a SAHM to three little girls and keeping up with the housework is last on my list. So, I recently hired a cleaning service to help out once a month. I must admit, I feel a little "guilty" having someone come in to help me clean when I stay at home. BUT, hey, chasing three little kids is what I consider a full time job, so what the heck?! I deserve it! LOL.

Do you all clean your own homes or hire help?

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"Clean" is sorta subjective...I am a great picker-upper and hide all the crap in the drawer kind of girl!

My husband and I share the cleaning duties most of the time! And now that my boys are older, we have them helping out too!
Me too! haha :D

Since getting pregnant and being sick a lot, I've been slacking quite a bit in the housework department! Our house is quite the disaster area. :) My husband works quite a bit so I do most of the housework.
My kids help me clean the house. They all have chores, even my 2yr old. Of course, I'm probably Mommie Dearest to them too but they need to learn that there other things I'd rather do too than clean all day.

I've made my kids clean (chores) since they were young. They're really good at it now.
Clean? I guess if you call what I do cleaning, I do it myself. I would love to hire a service, but my hubs is opposed. He a.) honestly doesn't care about the filth and b.) has some weird cop thing about having people he doesn't know in his house. Good for you that you got some help!
I WISH I could hire help. I am WAHM but hiring help just isn't in the budget. It goes by the wayside alot here too then hubby and I will both get sick of it and go on a cleaning rampage and it'll stay that way for 0.3 seconds. Maybe longer if we're lucky. I have 3 little ones so clean is only in my dreams.
I had hired help once a week. 3-4 ladies came in my house and spent 1.5 hours doing what it takes me 3 days to do. We had to stop using them because of finances. I'm really sad about it. I miss them. They made me so happy.
I would have a hard time justifying the expense, both to myself, and my husband, especially since I would have to clean the house before I even let any ladies in to clean.

But once a month isn't much, don't feel guilty. I almost think would be like feeling guilty for buying a dishwasher. The stress and time standing alone in the kitchen to do dishes that our dishwasher saved me makes it worth every penny, and then some.
Do NOT feel guilty about hiring help. Believe me when I say that I would if I had the finances to do so. It feels like I'm cleaning all the time and never get it all done (or it reappears the next day). I'd absolutely love to have some assistance. I used to pay people on occasion to help with my housework before my son was born. We had two incomes back them and that was doable. I didn't feel one moment of guilt about it then and I certainly wouldn't now!
I have a friend who comes for a couple of hours every other week and just does the big jobs - the bathrooms, the kitchen floors, the sinks, and some vacuuming. She gives me the friends and family discount, so it's super reasonable. Plus, it's nice to see her on a regular basis even though we're both working (she cleans while I work on my blogs or client projects). Just that little bit helps me keep up.
I've done both. When I lived in a giant, 3-story house I had someone come in twice a month and still felt overwhelmed. But now that I'm a single mom in a small apartment, I do it myself... mostly just cleaning as I go and it seems so much more manageable. I don't know why.
I have done both. Recently while my little one is at Mothers Day Out on Thursdays I try to at least pick up the downstairs and mop while she is gone.

I don't think you should feel guilty one bit! If it fits in the budget, then that is awesome!


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