What do you do with your kids artwork they bring home from school?

When my son was in preschool he was always bringing these treasers home that he made at school. They laid around the house and either got pitched in the trash (I always feel bad about that but I hate clutter) or I started to put them into a binder.
This year he is in kindergarten and I decided we need to keep these treasers in an organized way. We created this really cute binder with each month of the school year called out and we will be filling this binder up all year long. You can see our creative treasure at Anyway this brings me to my question, what do you do with all of your kids art projects and special papers that they bring home from school?

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Hi Sandy, Nice to meet you - I'm following you now.
I have thrown it all in a box. But, my friend did the binder thing. Well, first she threw everything away. Then, her daughter came to her crying and said: "You threw away my talent, mommy." That broke her heart, so she retrieved them all, which thankfully she still could do, and put them in a binder like the one you suggested, and this little girl loves going back through them. It is like a photo album for her. My friend says she spends hours looking through them.
I store everything! I feel so incredibly bad about throwing anything away that I've only thrown away one paper. *lol* At the moment I only use a standing paper holder kind of thing but I will eventually store it in boxes and label it.
Honestly? I've started a big plastic bin for them. Someday I dream of having about 30 minutes all to myself and then I will arrange them in a scrapbook or something similar to what you've done.
When I was a kid, my mom made a scrapbook for each school year where she put her favorites. For my kids, I didn't bother, lol. I keep special occasion things (valentines, mothers day cards, fathers day cards, etc) for them, the rest get put on the fridge until a new one comes in to replace it.
I bought a wicker basket the size of a laundry basket, and I'm filling it up. After that I will be forced to do something! I display our favorite pieces on the fridge, and I have some great frames on the wall for some as well. That's it. I used to scrapbook...but after my 3rd baby that has ceased to happen. I guess I will have to start again, maybe once my eldest's school routine gets established.
Pizza Boxes! I'm not kidding. You can get a few large ones from the local pizza shop and keep them for each child with their name and the year on the side (e.g. Joey - Kindergarten.) At the end of the year you stack them with your other pizza boxes in the basement, and voila! Your adult child will think you are the coolest, most organized mom when you hand over a bunch of labelled boxes in 15-20 years (or when they get their own place.)
I use Itoya Art Portfolios. These are storage/display books of various sizes. Mine are 11" by 14" and have 24 sleeves for 48 views. They are archival safe, acid free, and have a polypropylene cover. I have purchased them at Hobby Lobby and online at

I blogged about it here:
I read on organizing sites and articles that we should dispose of much of this, but I disagree. Jamie's not in school yet so I haven't been inundated with art and paperwork yet, but my grandmother (who adopted me) kept all my papers, all of her kids papers. After she passed away it was really nice to go through them all. I read letters that my uncle had sent her when he was in the army. There was a painting I made in kindergarten with a little blue ribbon still intact. All those little hand prints, still there, right along with my mother's, my uncles, and my brother's. It's a piece of history and though it might take up quite a bit of storage space, I'm glad she did it and I plan on doing the same.

She had tons of file boxes filled with them. She also had a filing cabinet that she kept in a closet that divided our report cards, bills related to us, etc. I feel kind of bad looking at some of the bills she paid when I went away to school. She paid for me to do things every weekend. It's like a walk down memory lane for me, as well.

Right now I have nothing organized. Jamie's four. I have one of his paintings framed and some on the fridge. I have thrown away some of his scribbles, I admit.
put the one's he seems most proud of on the fridge for a few days or weeks, depending on how quickly we have a newer one to showcase, then we put them in a big rubbermaid box, at the end of the school year last year (his first year in PreK) we went through everything and determined his favorites and put them in a binder to keep forever. It was fun and it gave him a special keepsake too.
My kids are not big artists yet, but I hope to make a big display on a big, blank wall in our kitchen. As for archival I don't know. I don't want to keep every single paper. But I'd like to keep a few special things. My oldest is just in K3 so I have a little time to work this out.

Actually, a great idea would be to scan or photograph them and keep them digitally. I LOVE this blog, where a Dad is documenting his kids' creations (they are a very creative and talented family!!!)

I'll go check out your binder idea!

First, I clicked on your link but nothing came up--I just wanted to let you know.

I think this is a great question. I have a list of ideas for displaying and archiving kids artwork on my web site,, most of which were gathered from a survey I did of moms in my local Moms Club. I plan on keeping it going, because I think a lot of people are looking for good solutions...



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