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I was trying to login into a site yesterday that I have not visited in a while. Then I realized I can't remember which email address I used or even the password. I was thankful they have one of those password recovery service. I have too many email addresses and password.

How about you? How many do you have? How about password? Do you only use one for all of them?

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I have 4 email addresses. 2 I don't use that often... heck every time I sign on to my oldest one there are over a thousand emails I haven't read. There is one I check everyday. I have taught myself to use the same password for everything so I don't forget them. I do have a few different ones and those I forget from time to time!
I have 4 emails. Too many logins and passwords to count.
i have two emails and way to many passwords....I should write them down...but I forget to... :)
I just have one email but since I pay my bills online I have a ton of sites that requires usernames and passwords. I've written them all down on a couple of sheets of paper, otherwise, there would be no way I'd remember them all!
Too many! What I've done is purchased my domain name. Once I have it set up, I will begin using that as my only email address...that way if I change carriers, I just have to change where the mail is directed. Eventually, I think like social security numbers and cell phone numbers, we will all have our own domains.
I think I have 6 or 7 different emails currently including work, and I have about 3-4 different passwords I use:) It's a little much sometimes, lol
I have too many too. I have so much spam on my last that created another one. And passwords? Another one to remember... I tried to avoid writing them down. I'm thankful for password recovery and resets.
Oh my gosh, if I had to count! A gozzillion. I also work from home, so between that and blogging, and my hubbies stuff that I keep track of for him, we have oh too many. I need to start writing them down.

It drives me nuts when you have to register for a password, and they force you to use a lot/or few characters, and mix numbers in, it prevents me from keeping all of my passwords the same, which leaves me wasting too much of my memory trying to remember them all!

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