I was going to ask a really simple question just to throw something out there being I haven't been able to get to this site in a was going to be "what body part do you like best on yourself" (ok maybe not worded exactly like that)...with me answering my usual "my eyes" that i've been saying since i was 5...then i figured: let's make this a little more complex (as complex as i can get before i've finished this cup of coffee). So here goes....

The older you get, what part of your post baby body are you still proud to say is lookin F.I.N.E.?

your toes?
do you have nice long fingernails?
could be anything!

i will have to say i'm not happy w/ all my stretch marks I've inherited w/ mommyhood however i can honestly say that when i wear a bra i HAVE NO BACK FAT...the older i get the more proud i am that i still do not have that bulge. there. i said it.

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Replies to This Discussion own answer is lame. AH WELL. lol
Does hair count?
of course!

Lori said:
Does hair count?
Let's see four kids...I have way to many stretch marks....but besides that I would have to say my bum is pretty nice...and my long hair...may have lost a little of my boobs with each child but I gained inches in longer hair with all the hormones :) Sadly as much as I like my hair is so long it almost covers it..lolol....
you are FUNNY! i hear ya about the long hair...mine is not about 2 inches past my boobs and i've been contemplating chopping it off! don't think i can do it...

i think i could do a whole discussion on stretch marks! lol!
I'm way to critical of myself to answer this question so I asked my husband. He said my bottom but I disagree! Okay, if I have to give an answer I'd say my lower legs/ankles. I know. Weird.
that is exactly why i did this question-- to make those of us who rarely DO like something about ourselves answer it. you may find that you have quite a few characteristics you actually like about your body...

although it is easier to find the bad ones huh? lol!

Ali said:
I'm way to critical of myself to answer this question so I asked my husband. He said my bottom but I disagree! Okay, if I have to give an answer I'd say my lower legs/ankles. I know. Weird.
Fat doesn't crack, so my face is staying young looking. All that built in collagen doesn't hurt. HAH!
I do have nice long fingernails, pity the fingers themselves are really showing their 41 years. All that incessant hand washing from 5 years of wiping kids' butts have really done a number on my hands.

My hair is curlier than it ever was and my multitasking abilities have multiplied beyond count.
I'd also have to answer hair - it's gotten thicker and a bit wavy since having a baby. Haha, I guess the same can be said for the rest of me too!
lol @ had me at "wiping kids' butts"!

Maternal Spark: Hair seems to be the popular answer! you are all crackin me up...glad we can throw in humor w/ our answers- I'm all about that!
skin, I have been blessed with flawless skin.


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