I was going to ask a really simple question just to throw something out there being I haven't been able to get to this site in a was going to be "what body part do you like best on yourself" (ok maybe not worded exactly like that)...with me answering my usual "my eyes" that i've been saying since i was 5...then i figured: let's make this a little more complex (as complex as i can get before i've finished this cup of coffee). So here goes....

The older you get, what part of your post baby body are you still proud to say is lookin F.I.N.E.?

your toes?
do you have nice long fingernails?
could be anything!

i will have to say i'm not happy w/ all my stretch marks I've inherited w/ mommyhood however i can honestly say that when i wear a bra i HAVE NO BACK FAT...the older i get the more proud i am that i still do not have that bulge. there. i said it.

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My butt hasn't had much damage to it since having my dd's.
I am going to go with my back side!
You have no backfat? None???!!! At all?????!!!!!

I am jealous. (can you tell?!) Justin Timberlake has that song..."sexy back" theme song is "Sharpei Back". I think it actually sort of resembles a Christmas Tree. Sort of.
I have new respect for my feet after I "got them back". They were so swollen & misshapen during my pregnancy that I despaired I'd ever see them again.
So yeah, now they're lookin hot.
I'm one of those people that detest their bodies. I hate my body, even more so after having my kids. Love my kids to death but wow, did they ever take a toll on my body.

It's actually very difficult to even name a part of my body I like. Maybe my wrists.

Good for you! No back fat is terrific! Be proud.
My finger nails are in good shape. (I actually had to cut them down this morning because they were interfering with my typing. I just can't have that!)
Hmm....bewbs i think...they're still rockin' albeit a tad lower. LOL! Great question!
all these answers are great. and the added humor is crackin me up!

thanks all...i'll be doing another RANDOM QUESTION soon!
I would say my arms. Even getting more toned now that son is 1 1/2!! :) Let's not talk about the muffin top on the belly that is still there!!! :)


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