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Are any of you wonderful MBC moms musicians? Has music taken a backseat to motherhood, but you find yourself longing to make music again? Maybe you've already found ways to keep music and motherhood rockin' along together nicely?

Or maybe it's not you, but your kids who are the musicians?

I'm wondering whether a Musician Moms group would be a welcome addition to MBC?

If you're interested, reply to this discussion and maybe we can put a little band group together!!


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Hi - I realize your post is 2 years old but just in case you are still out there, I found this because I was looking for a group for musician moms. I have 2 little girls and I also play bass in a band. If you check out my twitter profile pic you can see I am 7 months pregnant and on stage... twitter/shbenapping

Honestly Carol, it is tough to continue musical activities as a mother of toddlers and even school going kids. I have been an active member of my college musical band, and yes, I have also been associated with a music band after my marriage.

But after kids, I didn't make any music. After too many years, in this lockdown, I got some time to play music, and I tried to create some music with friends. I cleaned all of my musical equipment and also willing to purchase a bass compressor pedal from here to clean my bass guitar sound. Probably, the purchase of a new guitar amp from this list could also be a great idea to get signals from the pickup appropriately.

Indeed, I always love to upgrade my musical instruments and even before marriage, I was crazy about buying new music instruments especially the guitar-related ones. On the other hand, if you ask about kids' interest in music, then yes, they love to hear good music. My elder son was taking piano classes, but in this quarantine, it was tough for him to continue it via online classes. I am thinking to teach him to play the guitar. I think it would be a good idea. 


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