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How do you get people to advertise on your blog? Is this just something that comes with time?


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It's called persistence sweety! Persistence and hard numbers.

Let me share what I've done.

One of the best places to go fishing for my business, [fishing is a term I use for harvesting emails and other contact info for potential advertisers] are the parenting magazines.

Every once in while I'll go to Borders and purchase a hand full of parenting magazines; and don't forget the local freebie parenting publications. I'll start in the back where the ads on the last few pages [these usually cost less than the bigger ads through the publication]. and these type of mom and pop advertisers are more likely to want to advertise with me because my ads are affordable too. I'll have an excel spreadsheet open and just browse the websites of advertisers through out the entire magazine til I find all the email addresses.

When I'm ready to contact these new potentials; I'll include in the email my demographics and site traffic information! If I can't find an email address, I'll settle for a fax number.

It's not hard to do, but it takes a lot of time and dedication.

Wow that is creative. What do you charge companies to advertise on your site? What kind of numbers like new visitors do these companies want to see. All set up on google and check my numbers everyday. Thanks so much for responding.

Hi Lucy thanks.

The site I'm referring to is Single Rose.

Ad prices start at $20 per month for small banner and include free sponsor page.

I've got a media kit (one that needs to be redone) and the ad prices online.

Here's a screen shot of my traffic stats.

Another thing I do, is a weekly enews, which advertisers love, and the great thing about enews's is they generate web traffic - people click on em.

Hopefully, some of that information would give you some ideas.

Feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance!

Holy information, thank you so much. You know what I am loving about this whole mom blogging world. People share so much information. I thought this was going to be so hard to start out because no one was going to want to share information. I come from a cut throat back stabbing industry so Im loving all the nice moms Ive been meeting lately.

One more question. I see your numbers are in the millions per year with page views and such. When did you start to pursue advertisers, 5000, 50000 or 500000 page views? I know I dont need to worry about chasing ads now but Im trying to figure out at what point in numbers do I do that.

Your awesome,
That's so funny! I know exactly what you mean about cut throats and back stabbers. I came from the male dominated defense industry and was always totally cut-off from any type of information sharing. 22 years! I didn't have the right body parts and they finally fired me/did me a favor! LOL.

I love working for myself and I work my ass off day and night; but I don't have to put up with any other people's b.s. or worry when they're going to fire me cause I said or did the wrong thing!!!!!!!

Honestly it's been so long ago that I started doing this; I don't really remember "when" I started to get advertisers.

You have to do things to get your numbers up. None of them are hard; it's just being persistent - unless you got tons of money to throw at an ad agency.









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